Preview subtitled scenes only

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Preview subtitled scenes only

The Preview Subtitled Scenes Only feature can be used in Preview mode to automatically skip the parts of the video with no subtitles during the playback.

 Preview subtitles scenes only 

Preview subtitles scenes only


Jump if gap is greater

The program will skip the video between the subtitles if the gap between them is greater than the specified value.

Jump Y frames after subtitle

The program will play the video Y frames after the current subtitle ends and then will jump on the next subtitle.

Start Z frames before subtitle

The program will resume the video Z frames before the next subtitle starts.

Jump Over

When there's a gap with no subtitles, the video will jump directly to the next subtitle after the gap. The gap is defined by the Jump if gap is greater... parameter above.

Speed-up Video

When there's a gap with no subtitles, the video in the gap will be played at increased speed: x1.5, x2, x4 or x8.

You can find more about using the Subtitles Preview at the Preview Mode section.