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Full Screen

The Full Screen option is intended to improve the subtitling process for those, who needs to concentrate on the subtitles and the corresponding video. Activating the Full Screen stretches the picture and the editor area on the monitor and hides all the menus, toolbars, lists, etc. It is extremely useful during the final review of the subtitles. If you find a problem while watching in full screen you can always stop the video, correct the text or make some adjustments of the in- and out-cues and keep going.

While the Full Screen is switched on you will have only the keyboard’s shortcuts to type text, do the timing or play and navigate through the video. All the remaining commands will stay enabled so you can invoke them at anytime but by using their corresponding short key combinations.

You can activate the Full Screen option with its default short key - F10. Pressing the F10 key again brings the normal mode with all the menus layout at the program’s background. If the F10 is already assigned to a different command, you can assign a new keyboard combination using "Tools/Customize..." menu. Then go to Commands page and the command is located in Video category. For more information please click here.