EBU for ARTE Files

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EBU for ARTE Files

This export option is designed to create EBU (.STL) files compatible with the latest ARTE requirements.

There are various useful features intended to avoid the routine tasks like adding "S/T" "U/T" subtitle at the beginning, "…" for the duration of long silences, etc.

Before starting an EBU ARTE convertion you should select the proper Project Properties:

Teletext subtitles:


Project Type: Teletext

Mode: Native/EBU

Video Format: PAL, 25 fps

Safe Area

ARTE accept files containing maximum of 40 characters per line including control codes but the number of usable characters (i.e. without the control codes) shall not exceed 37 if the text is only in white and 36 if it contains colors.

To accommodate this, set max. characters count to 38 in your project settings. This number is greater than the limit because the subtitles need to be formatted in Double Height which increases the number of control codes added to the line by 1.

Programme Start

Programme Start is the timecode of the first frame of the video which is intended for transmission.  From the drop-down menu you can choose between the following options:

Manual - allows you manually type in the Programme Start timecode.

Auto - automatically sets the Programme Start timecode using the first subtitle's In-cue rounded down to the closes hour. For example, if the first subtitle starts at 10:00:32:21, the Start of Message value will be automatically set to 10:00:00:00.

Programme Start TC - automatically sets the value to the Programme Start metadata attribute from the input file (EBU STL, EBU-TT, EZT or EZTXML).

Video Start TC - automatically gets the timecode of the first video frame from the input file if available. (EZT and EZTXML only support this metadata attribute).


Programme Details:

It is important to select the right language. It is used to write the language code in the file header and to check for the allowed characters in the subtitles. The available languages are German and French.

EZConvert automatically calculates the Programme Start TC  from the first subtitle in-cue. If it is not correct you need to change it manually.


Here you can select various actions to be performed when exporting the subtitles.

According to ARTE specification blank subtitle should be positioned on the first frame of the programme. Here you can select the corresponding option if you want the program to add such a subtitle automatically.

Insert "S/T" "U/T" indication is automatically selected if the first subtitle appears more than 2 minutes from the programme start. If this option is selected EZConvert will insert German (U/T) or French (S/T) indication subtitle.

Place "..." for silence sequences longer than 20sec: this option is available only for teletext subtitles. In accordance to the ARTE specification for silence sequences more than 20 sec., 3 white dots without spaces are positioned on line 22 for the entire duration of the silence.

File name:

These parameters are used to create the default file name. Enter the correct values if you want to follow the ARTE rules for naming of subtitle files.