Appendix A. ASCII File Format used by EZConvert

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Appendix A. ASCII File Format used by EZConvert

0000 : 00:00:00:00 00:00:00:08

[L1]Top Gun

[L1](DVD - PAL)








0001 : 01:24:40:01 01:24:43:16 CC 32

[C2]You'll also be trained and evaluated

[C2]by civilian specialists.

####This is a comment line


0002 : 01:24:43:20 01:24:48:14 LC 43 [hidden]

[C2]They are our best source of

[C2]information on enemy aircraft.


0003 : 01:24:48:18 01:24:54:04 CC 50

[C2]One of the most qualified is call sign

[C2]Charlie, with a Ph.D. in astrophysics.


0004 : 01:24:54:08 01:25:01:01 CC 60

[C2]Listen to her, because the Pentagon

[C2]listens to her about your proficiency.


0005 : 01:25:01:05 01:25:04:15 CC 30

[C2]<All yours, Charlie.>



Each subtitle consists of subtitle header and text lines. Both the subtitle header and text lines must start on separate lines in the file.

Subtitle header

The subtitle header may contain several attributes, as explained below:

 0002 : 01:24:43:20 01:24:48:14 LC 43 [hidden]


Subtitle number

Can be present in different formats: 1, 01, 0001, etc. EZConvert will also read and recognize inserted subtitles if they are indicated by a number followed by a letter index like for example 001a, 1476b, 3c and etc. The subtitle number is optional attribute.

In- and Out-cues

Must be present in SMPTE HH:MM:SS:FF format. The two timecodes are separated by space.


Combination of justification and position codes. The first character specifies the position of the whole subtitles text and the second one represents the text justification. The possible values are: L (left), C (center) or R (right). For example CL indicates that the subtitle is center-left aligned (the block of text is positioned at the center of the screen and the individual lines are justified left). Optional attribute.

Maximum number
of allowed characters

The optimal number of characters calculated from the subtitle duration and the reading speed parameters. Optional attribute.

Note that this information is available only in .ezt files. If another file format is imported the default parameters (9 cps) for the reading speed will be used.


Placed at the end of the subtitle header indicates that the particular subtitle is hidden. Optional attribute.

Text lines

Following the subtitle header are the actual text lines. Each text line starts at a new line. The line could start with format information enclosed in square brackets "[ ]".

The format information indicates the row alignment (L - left, R - right, C - center) and the font number - 1 or 2. Format information isn't mandatory.

Subtitles lacking these details will be loaded and displayed in EZConvert with the default settings.

The subtitle's text itself may be indicated as italics by enclosing it inside angled brackets "< >".

Lines starting with ## are considered as comments.

To make the text appear higher on the screen you may add square brackets [] on a new line for each row the text has to be raised by.

Looking in the example above, the last subtitle "All yours, Charlie" will appear at the bottom of the screen, but modifying it like:

0005 : 01:25:01:05 01:25:04:15 CC 30 

[C2]<All yours, Charlie.>



will make EZConvert display it raised to the 3rd row.

Note: Zero Subtitle follows the same rules as all other subtitles but it must always has the 0 subtitle number and respectively has to be inserted at the beginning of the file, right below the File Header section.