Command options

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Command options

Preview subtitled scenes only

These parameters are used to tune the "Preview subtitled scenes only" options.

Jump if gap is greater

The program will skip the video between the titles if the gap between them is greater than the entered value in seconds. The default is 5 seconds.

Jump Y frames after subtitle

The program will play the video Y frames after the current subtitle ends and then will jump on the next subtitle. The default is 12 frames.

Start Z frames before subtitle

The program will resume the video Z frames before the next subtitle starts. The default is 37 frames.

Move Subtitle Position Commands

Controls the horizontal offset for Move Subtitle Left/Right  and the vertical offset for the Move Subtitle Up/Down commands in Open/Native and Digital Cinema modes.

Jump Back / Forward

Here you can select the time in seconds used with Jump back and Jump forward commands. Its value set by default is 10 seconds.

Automatic depth estimation

The methods used to estimate the subtitle's depth will place the subtitle a little in front of the nearest object. In this section you can specify this amount.

The units in which the adjustment is specified are described here. 3DTitles' default value is set to -0.05.