Opening a video file

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Opening a video file

You can open a video file by choosing Open Video File... from the Video menu.

3DTitles supports the following video file formats:

AVI files


MPEG files

.mpg, .mpeg

Windows Media format files

.wmv, .wm, .asf

Quick time files


MP4 files


Matroska Video Files


Please, mind that the size of the video file loaded not necessarily matches the size selected with Project Settings/Media. It is possible to use a draft copy of the movie with a smaller resolution in 3DTitles.

You can as well select to open a video from your recently opened files by choosing Recent Videos from the Video menu.

If the video file contains encoded timecode it will be automatically read by 3DTitles.

Please, mind that unlike opening a recent subtitle file the subtitles will not automatically load when you open a video by using Recent Videos.

Open multiple media files

Sometimes you may be supplied with a video for the left eye stream and one for the right eye stream. Eventually a third file might contain the audio. In such case the Open multiple media files option can be extremely useful. Clicking on it you will be provided with the utility to browse and load the videos for the left and right image streams as well as the additional file which contains the audio. Please mind that the audio may be encoded in the left or right video files, in which case you may click the appropriate option in the Audio Source section.