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EZConvert 5.3.17
  • Bugs Fixed

  • Bug related to the CIN and ECF captions exports has been fixed. It used to mess up with the text of random captions during export.

EZConvert 5.3.16
  • New Features

  • There are two new Fix Subtitles options meant to solve issues for subtitles with incorrect horizontal positioning:

    • Snap subtitles to left, right or center safe area - Horizontally shifted subtitles will be moved to the default positions of the left, right or center margins configured from the Safe Area menu. Each text line will be repositioned individually to the closest margin.

    • Only subtitles that go outside of safe area - The option becomes available only after enabling "Snap subtitles to left, right or center safe area" and will fix only those subtitles that cross the safe area margins. The fix command will try and preserve the original layout of the lines in a subtitle whenever possible and will simply snap them to the closest margin.

  • EZConvert now supports import and export of 890 and USF files which contain subtitles indicated as "open" and "closed" using the secondary subtitles track. For more details, please refer to the built in EZConvert help.

  • Bugs Fixed

  • Issue causing EZConvert to sometimes crash with "Access Violation" errors after importing "Custom Text Format" files has been fixed.

  • Problem with the DCDM export incorrectly exporting subtitles with nested styles has been resolved.

  • Issue related to the WebVTT export option has been resolved. Incorrect vertical position used to be exported if the offset was represented as "percentage".

  • Issue causing invalid Header Code Page to be exported in EBU STL files has been resolved. The bug was caused by faulty behaviour of an option avaialble under Windows 10: Beta: Use Unicode UTF-8 for worldwide language support.

EZConvert 5.3.15
  • Improvements

  • Includes improvements and fixed about compatibility issues for future version 6 release.

EZConvert 5.3.14
  • New Features

  • EZConvert 5.3.14. adds the new "Disney+ Japanese IMSC1.1" import and export options which complay with Disney+ requirements for subtitles in Japanese.

  • Along with the new Japanese oriented export, we introduce more Subtitle Check and Fix options for use with East Asian languages:

    • New Check and Fix options verifying if ruby's or bouten's position is correctly set to "outside";

    • New Check and Fix options verifying if vertical subtitles are aligned to "start of line";

    • New check if there are ruby's inserted on the middle line of a three-line subtitles;

    • New Find&Replace option that locates all subtitles containing Ruby and/or Bouten characters;

    Fore more details please check the built in Help.

  • We'd also like to introduce support for yet another subtitling format- the CFF-TT. It's based around the SMPTE-TT (RP2052-10-2012) specifications and complies with the requirements outlined by "Common File Format & Media Formats Specification, ver. 2.2".
    The new CFF-TT export option is available for the EZConvert TV and Pro editions under the "Closed Captions" category.

  • Improvements

  • Several aspects of working with Timed Text and IMSC based subtitle formats have been modified to increase the compatibility and compliance with other applications and equipment. As a result, Timed Text or IMSC files created by EZConvert 5.3.14 may not be displayed correctly when imported in older versions of our software.

  • Bugs Fixed

  • Issue when importing Timed Text or IMSC based files containing text in Right to Left direction leading to incorrect display of text's position on the screen has been resolved.

  • Issue causing 4 Czech special characters to be incorrectly displayed in 890 mode or when working with 890 files has been fixed.

  • Access Violation error caused when merging two or more files and simultaneously performing Recut by external "segments" file has been resolved.

EZConvert 5.3.13
  • Bugs Fixed

  • Bug causing EZTitles to incorrectly detect two subtitles tracks when importing Closed Caption files is now fixed.

EZConvert 5.3.12
  • New Features

  • There is new option, "Interleave CC data for 23.976fps to maintain 30/1.001 pairs per second", in the Project Settings enabling the user to change how Closed Captions will be encoded for 23.976fps. Adding the option is necessary because it became evident that not all service providers fully comply with the "CEA-708-B" standard. Turning the option on replicates the encoding model introduced with EZConvert 5.3.7, while keeping it switched off - the "old" encoding model available prior to EZConvert 5.3.7.

  • Improvements

  • Merging of consecutive events with identical text when importing a file will occur only if the duration of the newly merged event will be less than the Max. Duration specified in the Project Settings. Otherwise, those those type of events will be imported as they are, into individual subtitles.

  • Subtitle checks dialog window can be now resized.

  • The "Preview subtitles on black box" option can be turned on/off in Teletext mode.

  • The RTF export has been reworked to prevent the export of UTF-8 RTF files as those are not yet working correctly. UTF-8 in RTF will be considered as soon as Microsoft™ publish reliably working update for them.

  • There is new parameter <chars_count> available for the Custom Text Export that represents the number of characters in the subtitle according to the "Count Punctuation", "Count Spaces" and "Count half-width symbols as 0.5" options in Project Settings->Reading Speed.

  • Bugs Fixed

  • Issue related to the export of Images for Digital Cinema in the DCDM format when the image is exported as "URN:UUID" has been resolved.
EZConvert 5.3.10
  • New Features

  • Option to change reference base timecode when performing Frame Rate and Timecode conversions from the GUI is available.

  • New option that looks for extra spaces inserted before punctuation marks is available for Check Subtitles and Fix Subtitles. It is available for all versions of EZConvert: GUI, Command Line and Watch Folder.

  • Secondary subtitle track can be exported into or imported from MS Excel files.

  • Improvements

  • The Custom Text Format export option allows stand-alone use of the <space> and <tab> parameters in the Row and Subtitle Delimiter fields.

  • Final Cut Pro 7 XML import option has been improved to work with more "variants" of FCP7 XML files.

  • Bugs Fixed

  • Issue related to keeping the Min. Interval specified for Open subtitles when switching to Closed Captions mode has been resolved.

  • Problem with the Reading Speed calculations performed by the Fix Subtitles and Check Subtitles commands when reading speed limits are defined as "Characters per Second" has been fixed.

EZConvert 5.3.9
  • Bugs Fixed

  • Fixed an issue with SCC files not importing properly when the file is prepared for 23.976fps and uses Double Control Codes.

  • Fixed an issue with Katakana Middle Dot symbol which, when imported as part of Ruby sequence, was incorrectly recognized as Bouten (furigana dot).

EZConvert 5.3.8
  • Bugs Fixed

  • Fixed a regression introduced in 5.3.7 that sometimes causes the exported DVD Images .zip archive to get wrong file extension. Now the extension is properly set to .zip.

EZConvert 5.3.7
  • New Features

  • IMSC ver. 1.1 compliant import and export options are now available to provide enhanced compatibility with subtitles in Japanese including: vertical subtitles, ruby annotations, support for slanted text via "tts:shear", horizontal grouping (Tate-chu-yoko) and emphasis (Bouten).

  • Improvements

  • Encoding for CEA 608 captions in 24fps has been re-worked in accordance with the "ANSI-CTA-708-E-R" specifications.

  • Italics in vertical subtitles will be replaced by "tts:fontShear", in compliance with TTML2 specifications, when the output format is TTML2 compliant XML.

  • Ideographic Space (U+3000) and Two-em dash (U+2E3A) characters will be represented by their respective HTML reference codes in any XML compliant output format.

  • Comments will be imported and recognized as such by EZConvert when importing file via the Custom Text Format option.

  • The DLP Cinema XML and DCDM import options have been improved to recognize and accept files which otherwise doesn't fully comply with the XML specifications.

  • The option to export Images for Digital Cinema in the DCDM format will always export compressed font file.

  • The WebVTT export has been changed and now center aligned text will be exported with the "align:center" attribute in accordance with the latest WebVTT specs.

  • Bugs Fixed

  • Issue causing left aligned subtitles with rubies imported from TTML2 files to be displayed off the correct position has been fixed.

  • Problem with the export of TTML2 files causing horizontal/vertical positions to be offset while converting Closed Captions has been resolved.

  • Problem with the export of images when the source file contain full stop in their name has been solved. Now, the default image/script file extension will be added correctly regardless of the full stop in project's name.

EZConvert 5.3.6
  • New Features

  • The WebVTT export has new option to export subtitle's numbers, as cue identifiers, in the output file.

  • Bugs Fixed

  • Problem related to export of Timed Text based files with non-standard justification and causing the display regions to be very narrow in the output has been fixed.

  • New warning will pop-up when the editor is exporting compressed fonts for DLP and DCDM XML files indicating that OpenType Fonts cannot be compressed. Previously, the warning message was misleading and didn't work consistently.

  • Problem related to modifying Check or Fix Subtitles presets has been fixed.

EZConvert 5.3.5
  • The following Timed Text based files: TTML1, TTML2, IMSC1 Netflix-TT and SMPTE-TT Subtitles (SMPTE 2052-1), have been re-worked and now allow custom horizontal and vertical positions to be preserved. Horizontal and vertical positions will be interpret when importing files in these formats as well as when exporting them from EZConvert.

  • Improvements

  • In addition to the above new feature, the import and export of Timed Text files has been further improved:

    • EZConvert will interpret timing information specified for the main <div> element of a Timed Text based file and subtract or add the value specified from the timing of each subtitle.

    • Text enclosed in <div> elements inside the individual paragraphs <p> will be rendered as if it has been enclosed inside of <span> element.

    • There is a new option for the TTML1, TTML2, OOYALA, IMSC1 and SMPTE Subtitles export options allowing the specified in the export window language to be saved only by its respective Language code: xml:lang="en" instead of xml:lang="en-US" for example.

  • The "Tape ID", "Reel Number", "Comment" attributes saved in the Details of .ezt or .eztxml will be exported into Plain ASCII (.txt) and RTF/DOC files when the "Export File Header" option is turned on from the export configuration menu.

  • Bugs Fixed

  • Issue related to automatically filled in Details when exporting EBU STL via custom export preset is fixed.

  • Bug causing the exported into a PAC file comments to be sometimes displayed as part of the subtitles text in third-party applications has now been fixed.

  • Issue related to exporting comments with special characters into PAC files has been resolved. Previously the special characters were discarded and now they will be replaced by the "basic" character for example the "å" character will be exported as "a".

  • Bug causing the "Enable Safe Area override" option to be discarded after closing EZConvert or not to be saved when creating project template has been resolved.

EZConvert 5.3.4
  • New Features

  • EZConvert 5.3.4 adds support for Timed Text files according to TTML ver.2 specifications. The new features covered by it are mostly oriented towards subtitles in East-Asian languages and include support for Ruby and Emphasis(Bouten) characters, Vertical Subtitles and Horizontal Groups (Combined Text).

  • Command Line & Watch Folder: Language ID read from the source file can now be automatically passed to the output file using the new <from_source> parameter. For more details, please check the "Metadata pass-through" topic in EZConvert's built-in Help or PDF Manual.
  • Command Line: EZConvert's Command Line converter adds new option to override any parameter from the configuration file (config.cfg) directly from the command line. For more details please check the dedicated "Override configuration file from the Command Line" topic in EZConvert's built-in Help or PDF Manual.

  • New option that allows the file to be renumbered when exporting subtitles for Digital Cinema, DLP Cinema XML and DCDM (SMPTE 428-7) XML, is now available for compliance with different equipment.

  • Improvements

  • Exporting subtitles with inconsistent cues (missing in-, out- or both in- and out-cues) as DVD Images will correctly display warning.

  • Subtitles formatted in the default text color when it's not configured to white in Project Settings->Effects when will be correctly exported in EBU STL.

  • Safe Area margins can be displayed for Teletext projects.

  • The Number Sign № (U+2116) can be exported into Latin/Cyrillic encoded EBU STL files.

  • Bugs Fixed

  • Several issues causing EZTConvert to crash with multiple "Access Violation" errors when loading .ezt or .eztxml project files have been identified and fixed.

  • Bug leading to occasionally saving incorrect "FF" value when exporting Timed Text files with MediaTime base has been fixed.

  • Issue causing captions imported from Cheetah CAP files to be displayed one line higher than intended has been resolved.

EZConvert 5.3.3
  • New Features

  • There is a new option enabling the user to re-configure the color palette when exporting images for 4 Colors DVD systems:
    "Sonic Reel DVD/Scenarist", "Spruce DVD Maestro" and "Apple DVD Studio Pro".

  • Improvements

  • The Feminine Ordinal Indicator "Ux00AA" and Masculine Ordinal Indicator "Ux00BA" characters can be imported from and exported into EBU STL files.

  • New warning message will be displayed when the user tries to import .ezt or .eztxml project files incorrectly "saved" with different file extension.

  • The spacing value, Project Settings->Fonts, measured in (Em) for Digital Cinema projects has been modified to accept up to 3 digits after the decimal separator.

  • The Safe Area margins, Project Settings->Safe Area, can now accept values with up to 2 digits after the decimal separator when the units are set to "percentage".

  • Bugs Fixed

  • Issue related to the export of DVD images for "Sonic Reel DVD/Scenarist" and causing the "dark" yellow (RGB: 125, 125, 0) and "dark" cyan (RGB:0, 125, 125) colors to be exported with incorrect indexes is now resolved.

EZConvert 5.3.2
  • Improvements

  • If the project settings are identical to the settings of an existing project template, the template in question will be highlighted for user's convenience.

  • Bugs Fixed

  • Problem related to the import of Win2020 .txt files, similar to the ones previously experienced with PAC files, has been fixed.

EZConvert 5.3.1
  • Bugs Fixed

  • Several other issues related to the changes we previously did to how the effects work in PAC mode have been resolved:

    • Project Settings now allow PAC project to be configured with the Outlined set to "None" under the "Subtitle" sub-menu.

    • Subtitles used to be formatted in Outline whenever using the "Split" or "Insert subtitle" commands.

    • Text in the Zero Subtitle always used to appear in outline.

  • Issue causing the vertical position of subtitles aligned to the middle of the screen to be exported incorrectly into DLP and DCDM XML has been fixed.

EZConvert 5.2.22
  • Bugs Fixed

  • Issue related to using the Outline/DropShadow presentation effects in PAC Mode (and in PAC files) and preventing the user from turning those off has been resolved.

EZConvert 5.2.21
  • New Features

  • New Video Format (HD 720x576) is now available for Teletext mode. It enables using different frame rates and aspect ratios while working with Teletext subtitles for compliance with other applications and equipment.

  • Support for Chidori-style song lyrics in accordance with the Netflix specifications. The "Full-width low line" (U+FF3F) symbol won't be included in the reading speed calculations if the respective "Count Spaces" option is switched off.

  • "Fix Subtitles" has new option which can automatically replace all "Full-width low line" symbols with the "Ideographic Space" (U+3000) character. It becomes available as long as the loaded file contains Japanese characters.

  • Exporting any Open type file from Closed Captions mode will automatically add any out-cues that might otherwise be missing.

  • Improvements

  • The dedicated "EBU for ARTE" export option complies with the latest delivery specifications released by ARTE.

  • Roll-up captions can be exported as WebVTT files.

  • The WebVTT export provides new options to save the horizontal or vertical positioning information to the output file.

  • Description and Copyright details are now available as part of the project metadata.

  • The XML only and Image based FCP X compliant exports can loaded into the latest Final Cut Pro X, 10.4.4, version. We made additional changes to provide better compatibility with different variations of the .fpcxml format.

  • Bugs Fixed

  • Changing between the different Modes (PAC, 890, Teletext, Closed Captions) no longer causes space characters to occasionally disappear. This has been addressed and all space characters will correctly remain visible after the mode change occurs.

  • An issue preventing custom defined colors to be visualized when loading an .eztxml file has been fixed.

  • Issue with the EBU STL import option causing leading and trailing spaces, inserted before the "Start Box" or after the "End Box" control codes, to be displayed as part of the text has been resolved.

  • Bug causing text imported from PAC files to always be displayed with the Outline effect has been fixed.

  • Issue with the import of SMPTE-TT CEA-608 compliant files leading to inconsistent positioning of text when there were multiple &lt;span&gt; elements has been addressed.

EZConvert 5.2.20
  • Bugs Fixed

  • Bug related to the .eztxml format causing subtitles marked as "hidden" to be available for export has been fixed.

  • Issue causing the Double Height option from Project Settings->Defaults for Teletext projects to be discarded when saving .eztxml has been solved.

  • Bug causing the Zero Subtitle to be discarded on import has been fixed.

EZConvert 5.2.19
  • New Features

  • Command Line & Watch Folder: Metadata from the input file can be read from the input file and passed through to the output via several metadata specific parameters. For more details, please consult with the dedicated "Metadata pass-through" topic in EZConvert's built in Help.

  • Command Line & Watch Folder: new check options to verify all subtitles fulfill the specified Reading Speed limits are now available.

  • Command Line & Watch Folder: non-standard .txt, .rtf or .doc can be used as input via Custom Text Import templates. For more details, please consult with EZConvert's Help.

  • There is a new option available with the Ultech (.ult) and MCC Closed Captions (.mcc) exports that allows captions loaded in EZConvert to be added to existing .ult/.mcc file but on different Channel (CEA-608) or Service (CEA-708). The option is available for EZConvert's GUI, Command Line and Watch Folder conversion tools.

  • Improvements

  • The Apple iTunes .itt files provide support for right-to-left languages in accordance with the latest update of the iTunes Timed Text Profile specifications.

  • Bugs Fixed

  • EZConvert GUI: Issue with the new "open in new instance" option available on the Import Subtitles dialog window has been found and fixed. It used to fail in recognizing some RTF or TXT files.

  • EZConvert GUI: Issue leading to visual differences when comparing text's appearance in the main Editor and the Project Settings Preview has been resolved. It used to affect only subtitles formated by any of the "ghost" effects: "ghost box", "ghost block box" or "ghost stripe".

  • Problem with the dedicated Excel (.xls, .xlsx) import feature has been solved. An error message used to pop-up if some of the cells in the file were not formatted as "text cells".

  • Bug causing individual captions to be incidentally dropped when using Closed Captions dedicated formats as source files for the conversion has been fixed.

  • Bug causing vertical positioning for subtitles appearing in the top half of the screen and imported from Teletext EBU STL files to be incorrectly interpret when the "Double Height" option in Project Settings->Subtitles was switched on has been solved.

  • Problem with the dedicated Excel (.xls, .xlsx) import feature has been solved. An error message used to pop-up if some of the cells in the file were not formatted as "text cells".

EZConvert 5.2.18
  • New Features

  • New option enabling the user to Open or Import subtitle files in new instances of EZConvert is available. It can be activated directly from the Open and Import dialogs.

  • Option to force how EZConvert handles input Timed Text compliant file, in the context of the general TTML1 or IMSC v.1 specifications, is now available. We, however, recommend using it with the default "Auto" option selected, this way EZConvert will check the file and based on the specified in the input name-spaces will automatically "recognized" if it's TTML1 or IMSC1 compliant. The option is available for all GUI, Command Line and Watch Folder versions of EZConvert.

  • Improvements

  • Frame Rate attributes saved in all type of Timed Text based files will be now read and EZTitles will display warning message if the frame rate value from the input Timed Text base file doesn't match the current Project Settings.

  • Option to export translator's name, saved to .ezt or .eztxml file, via the Custom Text Format export option is now available. For more details please check with the built-in Help.

  • Bugs Fixed

  • Bug causing SMPTE-TT Subtitles files to be exported with incorrect values for the "tts:extent" and "tts:origin" parameters has been resolved.

  • Problem causing the timing values from input IMSC1 compliant or output as IMSC compliant Timed Text files to be sometimes offset by 1 frame has been been fixed.

  • Watch Folder, Command line versions: issue causing the Above or Below Reading Speed checks to show the total number of characters in the erroneous subtitle instead of the number of characters exceeding the set reading speed limits has been resolved.

EZConvert 5.2.17
  • Version 5.2.17 doesn't contain any changes compared to v. 5.2.16

EZConvert 5.2.16
  • New Features

  • EZConvert 5.2.16 now provides support for the Universal Subtitling Format (.usf) with the EZConvert TV and Pro license editions of the software.

  • Improvements

  • Automatic file format recognition for the Command Line and GUI has converters have been improved and will now work with greater variety of RTF, DOC and DOCX files.

  • Bugs Fixed

  • Bug causing subtitles exported as RTF, DOC or DOCX to appear in gray in the output document when the program is running the Graphite theme has been fixed.
EZConvert 5.2.15
  • Version 5.2.15 doesn't contain any changes compared to v. 5.2.14

EZConvert 5.2.14
  • Version 5.2.14 doesn't contain any changes compared to v. 5.2.13

EZConvert 5.2.13
  • New Features

  • EZConvert 5.2.13 provides new option enabling the user to create Projects in custom resolution. It's available from the Video Format drop-down menu in Open/Native and Digital Cinema mods. Projects in "custom" resolutions would also have 1:1 Pixel Aspect Ratio.
    The new option will also be useful when the project has to be exported as Images for a DVD or NLE system in non-standard resolution.

  • Added is support for subtitle files saved as .xlsx from Microsoft Excel.

  • There is a new feature which allows frequently used subtitle formats to be added to a "Favorites" category in the Advanced Import and Export Subtitles menus. The option to create "Favorites" list is available with the GUI and Watch Folder versions of EZConvert

  • Improvements

  • Values for the Safe Area margins can now be set below 5% all the way down to 0%. In addition, the max. values for the Left and Right safe area margins have been increased to 50%.

  • Values for the reading speed limits in Project Settings->Reading Speed can be specified as fractions when "Characters per second" option is switched on for them.

  • There is a new option available for the Fix Subtitles feature, called "Show fix summary", available with the EZConvert's GUI which shows or hides the window containing the number of subtitles affected or the type of the fix that's been performed on them. When the option is disabled, running Fix Subtitles will directly send modified subtitles to the Log List.

  • The import of Timed Text (TTML XML) and IMSC files has been improved and now will work correctly with files containing cascading style declarations: the exact presentation is declared in a style using parameters that are declared and specified in another style.

  • Exporting Timed Text (TTML XML) and IMSC files will now save the Safe Area margins specified in the Project Settings menu. This may be helpful when it's required to a account for a letter- or pillar-box added to the video.

  • There are couple of changes implemented to the import and export of EBU STL files:

    • Added is a new option that allows "custom" Header Code Page to be set for the exported EBU STL.
    • The empty lines added to indicated Double Height will be handled more accurately. Previously, it was possible to end up with incorrectly positioned subtitles only by exporting and importing the EBU STL file.
    • The End Box "8A" control code will be added to a line only if the total number of characters and control codes in the output doesn't exceed 40.

  • The Comments parameter, as well as several others, when using the Custom Text Export feature has been modified to also allow use of special prefix and suffix: special parts which can be added before or after the comments tag. For more details, please refer to the built in EZConvert Help.

  • Bugs Fixed

  • An issue causing white pixels to appear inside the rendered text when exporting indexed 4 colors images, for example when using the Sonic Reel DVD image export option, has been fixed.

  • Bug causing file containing empty out- or in-cue in the last subtitle while the "Delete subtitles with empty cues" option is switched on to be converted successfully from the Command Line or Watch Folder has been solved.

  • Problem related to conversions from iTT to iTT with the Command Line and Watch Folder which didn't allow the Language ID of the output file to be changed has been resolved.

  • Issue causing "Invalid floating point operation" error when importing .ssa or .ass files if the alignment set for one of the two styles doesn't read as "bottom" has been fixed.

EZConvert 5.2.12
  • Bugs Fixed

  • Issue causing only carriage return, CR, to be inserted for the last subtitle in "Japanese 932" or "Unicode UTF-8" encoded Lambda .CAP files has been resolved.

EZConvert 5.2.11
  • New Features

  • There is a new option that enables insertion of "Erase Displayed Memory" control code for the first frame of video when exporting SCC closed captioning files.

  • Size of the applied effect (border or shadow) as well as Feather effect can be selected when exporting Digital Cinema subtitles compliant to the ST428-7-2014 specifications of the DCDM format.

  • Subtitles with applied Box effect can now be exported to EBU Timed Text (EBU-TT). Box presentation can be controlled from the EBU-TT export window with the available "None", "Not Changed" and "Boxed" options. More details can be found in EZConvert's built-in Help.

  • Improvements

  • Masculine Ordinal Indicator "U+00BA", typically used in Spanish, Italian and Portuguese, will be automatically replaced by Degree Sign "U+00B0" when exporting into EBU STL as the later is known for the very limited character support.

  • To avoid any display issues with composite characters, consisting of character and accent, when exporting subtitles for Digital Cinema, combination of "combining" accents and letters will be exported as the corresponding precomposed character.

  • When using the "Multiple File Export" option to export files for Digital Cinema in the DLP format the option will automatically generate different font names if the "Export font file" option has been turned following simple naming pattern "FontName+SubtitleFileName+ReelNumber.ttf"

  • Couple of the options available with Fix and Check Subtitles have been renamed, thus making it more clear what they are supposed to do.

  • Bugs Fixed

  • The problem causing center aligned but left justified text to be offset from the intended position when exporting PAC files from HD project in Open mode is fixed.

  • Issue causing Marathi language to render incorrectly has been fixed.

  • The problem causing one of the index colors to be exported with incorrect value, "-1", when exporting images for Spruce DVD Maestro has been resolved.

  • Bug leading to the "" declaration missing from the output XML script file when exporting images for Final Cut Pro 7, has now been fixed.

  • Issue related to incorrect export of subtitles in italics in the SIF format has been solved.

  • The issue leading to toggling the italics on, when working on a project with reference file loaded as translation template, has been resolved.

  • Issue related to the vertical positioning in EBU STL files when the MNR parameter is set to small number, less than 11, and causing text raised to the top line incorrectly display to the bottom instead, has been fixed.

EZConvert 5.2.10
  • New Features

  • The Fix Subtitles dialog has been redesigned and all options are now allocated into categories. Also, there are three new options available:

    • "Snap subtitles to vertical Safe Area margins": Raised subtitles will be snapped to the corresponding Safe Area margin, top or bottom, depending on text's presentation on screen: If text appears in the bottom half of the screen it will be moved to the bottom line and, if text appears in the top half of the screen, it will be moved to the top line and will become top aligned.
    • "Fix Overlapping Cues": Provides quick and easy way for correcting subtitles with overlapping cues.
    • "Delete subtitles with empty cues": This option is available only with the Command Line and Watch Folder tools and will skip subtitles without In- or Out-cues to prevent canceling of the conversion when the output format cannot carry subtitles without cues. When converting to one of the Closed Captions dedicated formats, only subtitles without In-cues or without In- and Out-cues will not be converted.
    For more details please refer to the built-in Help.

  • There is new option available with Check Subtitles, "Not snapped to vertical Safe Area", which will locate subtitles that are not aligned to the top or bottom Safe Area margin. In comparison, check for "Raised Subtitles" will report top aligned subtitles as raised too.

  • There is a new Recut command available, "Recut by Reference Timecode", that allows the user to perform recut operation by specifying two timecodes. EZConvert will then calculate the difference between the two and perform the action. This option will not be available with the Command Line and Watch Folder converters.

  • Improvements

  • Size of the outline effect can be defined in percent or in pixels when exported into TTML1, Ooyala or IMSC1 timed-text files.

  • The "Full width low line (U+FF3F)" character in the beginning of text line will automatically be replaced by "Ideographic Space (U+3000)" when exporting iTunes iTT files in Japanese.

  • The list of languages for iTunes iTT export have been updated and now includes all languages supported by the iTunes iTT specifications.
  • Bugs Fixed

  • The issue causing "Max. characters per line" value to remain 32 when activating Project Template from Closed Captions mode has been resolved.

  • Bug related to saving source file's extension when adding or editing Workflows with the Watch Folder and using the "Auto detect source file format" has been fixed.

  • Bug with the Fix Subtitles when using "Fix below min. duration" causing inconsistent subtitles to be created has been fixed.

  • Several issues related to the export of Metadata information into EBU-TT 1.0 and EBU-TT 1.0 for BBC compliant files have been resolved.

EZConvert 5.2.9
  • New Features

  • Recut Subtitles feature now includes two new options which enable the user to recut only the In- or Out- cues for the selected subtitles. The new options are available with EZConvert's GUI, CMD and Watch Folder conversion tools.

  • The DVD Images export compatible with Final Cut Pro offers the option to export images with sequential numbers.

  • Check Subtitles introduces new options that will verify if there are any Hidden subtitles. The Hidden subtitles option can be activated from the Attributes sub-category under Check Subtitles.

  • Watch Folder: there is new parameter, %check_results% available for use with the e-mail notifications "On Error" and "On job done". Respectively, when used, quality control results will be attached in-line into message's body and send via e-mail.

  • Improvements

  • Closed Captions, CEA-608 and CEA-708, import and export options have been re-worked to increase compatibility with other tools and applications.

  • There is new option to "Retain Hermes ID from source file" when importing Netflix-TT file and use it for subsequent export in the Netflix-TT format. For more details please check the Import Subtitles/Netflix Timed Text topic in EZConvert's Help.

  • The list with supported by Netflix languages has been updated. Now, all supported languages will be available for selection when exporting Netflix-TT subtitle file.

  • Bugs Fixed

  • Several issues with the EBU-TT-D for BCC export option have been resolved:

    • The following parameters- ttp:frameRateMultiplier, ttp:frameRate, ttp:dropMode, ttp:markerMode- will no longer be saved in the output file as per BCC's requirements and guidelines.
    • ebuttm:conformsToStandard parameter will be saved to output file's metadata as per BCC requirements and guidelines.

  • The issue causing EZConvert to crash when doing check for digits in horizontal groups inside vertical subtitles has been fixed.

  • Issue related to using the "Export Comments" option when exporting into MS Excel - XLS format is fixed.

  • Issue leading to displaying the text on incorrect vertical position when importing specific Teletext EBU STL files in Open Mode has been fixed.

  • Several minor issues with the SAMI import and export have been resolved.

  • Bug causing script file names to be exported without file extension if there was full stop in script's name has been fixed.

  • Visual glitch making the File/Append Files... dialog to look messy on displays with high DPI settings is now fixed.

  • Watch Folder and Command Line converters: The issue causing the conversion to crash occasionally with Access Violation error message when using the Recut by Timecode Segments options , has been resolved.
EZConvert 5.2.8
  • Version 5.2.8 includes critical update intended for the EZTitles Plug-in for Adobe Premiere and Avid Media Composer. There are no changes made to EZConvert.

EZConvert 5.2.7
  • New Features

  • Subtitles from the secondary subtitle track can be exported as Forced Narratives in the Apple iTunes Timed Text (ITT), Netflix Timed Text (NFLX-TT), IMSC v.1.0 Timed Text subtitle formats as well as when exporting images for Blu-ray BDN. The option is available for EZConvert GUI, Command Line and Watch Folder.

  • Option to change the Bouten (Emphasis) symbols for horizontal and vertical subtitles is available. The option can be found in the Preferences menu in EZConvert's GUI, in the Output Settings->Presentation Style menu in the Watch Folder and inside the [Text Attributes] section of Command Line's config.cfg file.

  • There are two new check options available. They work when a secondary subtitle track is started and can be used to locate subtitles from the two tracks with overlapping text or timing.

  • New check option to locate subtitles formatted with the Paint-on, Pop-on or Roll-up styles is available for Closed Captions.

  • There is new option added to the Netflix Timed Text (NFLX-TT) export configuration which enables the user to enter valid Hermes ID, according to this Netflix post.

  • Improvements

  • According to forthcoming update in the Japanese iTunes Timed Text specifications, center aligned but left justified text is supported for Japanese subtitles in the iTunes Timed Text (.itt) format. Horizontal subtitles can no longer be aligned to the left of the image.

  • New warning message will be displayed when exporting Closed Captions into Open subtitle formats which indicates there will be subtitles with missing In or Out cues in the output file.

  • The options to Recut subtitles when exporting into various subtitle formats by specifying Media Start Timecode have been re-worked. This was required because for some of the subtitle formats it behaved in slightly different way which will no longer be the case.

  • The option to Delete Extra Spaces, available with Fix Subtitles, will now work for different type of white space characters (Tab, Carriage Return, Line Feed, etc) and not only for space characters.

  • The way "Time to process" is calculated for Closed Captions has been changed and will no longer require 3 additional frames. The extra "3 frames" were implemented for compatibility reasons which no longer apply.

  • The options to save the alignment and raised subtitles when exporting SRT subtitles have been re-worked. This will also solve recently reported problem related to the import and export of raised subtitles.

  • Bugs Fixed

  • Issue causing font information to be discarded when importing Final Cut Pro X, fcpxml, files is now fixed.

  • The problem related to Export Presets created from Teletext or Closed Captions mode and causing the Box and Outline settings for some of the output formats to be reset has been solved.

  • Issue causing EZConvert to crash when importing incorrectly created and formatted Lambda Cap files is fixed.

  • Issue related to the conversion between Teletext and Open subtitles and causing vertical positions to be calculated incorrectly in some cases has been fixed.

  • Command Line: The correct ExitCode will be output when errors were detected and the -print XML/JSON options are used.

  • Watch Folder: Issue causing part of the Text Script Header to be discarded, when exporting subtitles as images with Custom Text Script, has been solved.

EZConvert 5.2.6
  • New Features

  • Command Line version of EZConvert incorporates new parameters which will enhance its compliance with third party automated systems and significantly boost its quality control functions:

    • There is new -print parameter which changes the format of the STDOUT stream. Currently, all results send to STDOUT can be formated and printed as plain text, XML and JSON.
    • New -fileDetails parameter that will display additional information about the input file including details about: Title, FrameRate, Lang, MediaStartTC, FirstInCue, LastOutCue, SubtitlesCount. More details could be available depending on the format of the source file.
    • New -detailedCheck parameter to create detailed list of all errors found while running quality control checks.

  • New options that allow changing applied Shadow effect's opacity, softness and color are available in the Project Settings->Effects menu. Currently, shadow effect's enhancements can be preserved only when exporting Blu-ray/DVD Images, DVB subtitles, images for Digital Cinema and our proprietary .ezt and .eztxml project files.

  • EZConvert 5.2.6 introduces even more options for subtitle verification including:

    • option that looks for raised subtitles but can exclude subtitles raised by a set number of lines;
    • option that finds all subtitles offset horizontally from the default right, left or center alignment positions;
    • option to check for extra spaces within the text;
    • new option able to find subtitles containing at least one empty line between the text lines;
    • option to check if subtitles text can be fit onto a single line according to the max. characters per line and safe area set in Project Settings;
    • option to check for subtitles with inconsistent numbers.

  • Watch Folder's quality control functionality is capable of creating detailed list of all errors found while running quality control checks. It can be enabled by switching on the Detailed Report option on.

  • Watch Folder now provides new option to execute Post Conversion Events if the conversion has failed.

  • Improvements

  • Final Cut Pro XML files which have been created by using the "Spherico Text" effect are already supported.

  • Italics are supported when exporting subtitles in the Final Cut Pro X format.

  • The SMPTE-TT CEA-608 export option is modified and there are the following changes:

    • ttp:cellResolution no longer needs to be set in the output file and will not be exported;
    • ttp:dropMode will be set only when the time base is set to Media. It will not be used when the output follows Crackle 1.1 specifications.
    • lineHeight parameter will not be exported.
    • Default value for fontSize in the exported file is changed from 8% to 80%.

  • Bugs Fixed

  • Issue causing Korean characters to be incorrectly considered as "half-width" characters has been fixed.

  • Issue causing "Access Violation" error when loading .eztxml files with some of the optional configurations missing has been resolved.

  • The problem causing musical note symbols (&#9834;) to be discarded when importing .scc files is fixed.

  • The issue related to discarding text's alignment in some cases when importing SAMI files has been solved.

  • Section dedicated to Videotron Lambda CAP files has been added to the sample_config.cfg file.

  • The issue causing Zero Subtitle to be added whenever converting to .ezt or .eztxml has been fixed.

  • Issue related to the Image export option for DaVinci Resolve is fixed.

EZConvert 5.2.5
  • Improvements

  • EZConvert display warning message when exporting into Apple iTunes ITT if there are two horizontal or vertical subtitles with identical IN times or text of overlapping subtitles appears in the same display region in accordance with the iTunes TimedText requirements.

  • Watch Folder: There is new User Notes feature which enables descriptive text to be added for each Watch Folder. User Notes are available among Watch Folder's configuration menu.

  • Bugs Fixed

  • Issue causing subtitles in Right-to-Left languages to appear outside of the Safe Area when they have been offset horizontally is fixed.

  • Problem related to the import of files containing overlapping events and which caused subtitles to be merged incorrectly has been fixed.

  • Horizontal Groups in horizontal subtitles will be discared on export to prevent display discrepancies by third party applications.

  • Problem causing the curly bracket characters, "&#123;" and "&#125;", to be discared when importing .SSA/.ASS files has been fixed.

  • Issue causing text lines starting with the "&#60;" character to be discared when importing from SRT file has now been fixed.

  • Command Line: Access Violation error which occured when using automatic recogniction of input files, "-i Auto", with DC XML files is fixed.

EZConvert 5.2.4
  • New Features

  • EZConvert now adds new feature that allows changing the Foreground and Background text's colors from the Project Settings->Presentation Style menu. The option is available for use by the EZConvert GUI, Watch Folder and Command Line.

  • Improvements

  • There is a new button that will reduce the size of the Check Subtitles form, hiding the selected criteria and leaving visible only the Presets drop-down, the info panel providing more information about what the particular issue is, and the Log, Next, Previous and Close buttons.

  • There is a new warning message popping up when exporting subtitles for Digital Cinema in the DLP XML and DCDM XML formats if the size of the exported font file exceeds the industry standard of 640KB.

  • UTF-8 encoded files will now be validated upon import. If the input file contains any invalid characters, EZConvert will display warning message that invalid characters have been found and replaced by "?" and will then import the file. Previously, UTF-8 encoded files with invalid characters in them were rejected with an error message.

  • Bugs Fixed

  • Issue with Fix Subtitles when displayed under low resolution with high DPI settings has been fixed.

  • Problem with the import of "Arabic ligature Lam with Alef" character from some PAC files has been now solved.

  • The import of .ass subtitle files which contain formatting attributes restricted for use with the "twin" .ssa format will no longer give error message.

  • Issue related to the import of Plain ASCII (.txt) files causing extra characters to be inserted on the last line in the subtitle is fixed.

EZConvert 5.2.3
  • 890 files in Burmese language can now be imported and exported by EZConvert's GUI, Command Line and Watch Folder.

  • The problem causing question marks to be displayed in raised subtitles imported from 890 file is now fixed.

  • Bug causing Roll-Up captions, imported from SCC file, to be incorrectly displayed raised up by 1 line has been solved.

EZConvert 5.2.2
  • New Features

    • Display of certain characters, tilde, full-width tilde and smart quotation marks has been improved when the characters appear in vertical subtitles.

    • The Maximum Characters per Line limit has been changed and now it allows different line length limits to be set for text in Horizontal and Vertical subtitles.

    • There is a new option allowing half-width characters to be counted as 0.5 towards the line length limit which is intended for use with subtitles in Japanese and Chinese

    • EZConvert 5.2.2 introduces two new options for calculating Reading Speed for subtitles in Japanese and Chinese:
      • - option to count half-width characters as 0.5;
      • - option to exclude punctuation marks from the Reading Speed.
    • There is a new Check option, Vertical Position, that will check if subtitles' text appear visually in the Top or Bottom half of the screen.

  • Improvements

    • All plain text export options like SubRip SRT, Plain ASCII .txt, MicroDVD .sub, SubStationAlpha .ssa/ass, etc, can now export UTF-8 encoded files without BOM (Byte Order Mask).

    • The WebVTT file export now enables CSS styling information to be saved in the output .vtt file.

    • Display of certain characters, tilde(~) and grave accent(`), has been properly corrected when imported from .890 files in different languages.

  • Bugs Fixed

    • The problem causing white space characters inserted in formatting tags to be trimmed down when importing SAMI .smi files has been fixed.

    • Access Violation error message caused by importing SubStationAlpha (.ssa/.ass) files when some of the in-line style override parameters are missing has been fixed.

    • The issue causing text imported from Closed Captions files (.scc, .cap, etc) to be incorrectly displayed as center-left aligned instead of left aligned when there were precisely 31 characters on a text line has been fixed.

    • Problem making the Plain ASCII (.txt) import to discard text from subtitles containing just a single character has been resolved.

EZConvert 5.2.1

With EZConvert 5.2 we wanted to primarily focus on expanding the list of supported subtitling formats, so we added more TimedText based formats for Import and Export:

  • IMSC1 TimedText;
  • OOYALA TimedText;
  • EBU-TT 1.1;
  • EBU-TT 1.0 for BBC and EBU-TT 1.1 for BBC;
  • EBU-TT-D for BBC;
  • Image based SMPTE-TT export complaint with IMSC1 specifications.

There are also several other important new features and updates, that we hope you'd like:

  • Command Line converter provides new option for merging multiple input files into a single output file. For more details please refer to the topic dedicated to Command Line conversion in EZConvert's Help.

  • More wildcards for generating destination file's name are available for the Watch Folder. or more details please refer to the topic dedicated to Watch Folder configuration in EZConvert's Help.
  • Advanced Import and Export subtitles forms have been completely re-designed and all available subtitle formats are now divided into separate categories based around the support by each EZConvert license edition features.

  • It's now possible to export a specified range of subtitles- those in the Draft or Log lists, subtitles from N1 to N100, etc.

  • Reading Speed limits can be configured to as CPS/WPM or percentage.

  • UHD resolution (3840x2160) option has been added to the Video Formats available in Digital Cinema mode.

  • Extension margins for the box effect set in Project Settings->Effects are exported into SubStation Alpha (SSA/ASS) subtitle files.

  • Custom Text export option can also export comments by using the tag in the subtitle’s header or footer sections.

  • Two options in XLS Excel export:
    • Export Comments – which simply exports any commentaries into a separate cell in the output XLS document.

    • Consecutive horizontal cells with raised subtitles – each text line is saved into a separate column in the output XLS document but in contrast to the other export, each text line is placed at a fixed column.

In addition, version 5.2 features various under the hood improvements to better the performance of the Software as well as some bug fixes.

EZConvert 5.1.13
  • Bugs Fixed

    • Bug causing incorrect export of asynchronous/continuation subtitles in Lambda CAP files has been fixed.

    • Bug causing incorrect language code to be exported in TTML headers for some languages has been solved.

EZConvert 5.1.12
  • New Features

    • The Apple iTunes Timed Text import and export options have been improved to comply with the recently released Japanese iTunes Timed Text Profile specifications.

    • It is now possible to select the version, 428-7-2007, 428-7-2010 or 428-7-2014, for the exported DCDM XML directly from the DCDM export configuration dialog. Usage of Horizontal Scaling and Spacing is supported for documents compliant with 428-7-2010 and 428-7-2014 versions of the standard.

  • Bugs Fixed

    • Bug causing EZConvert to crash when exporting into Netflix TT format if there were empty subtitles has been fixed.

    • Bug causing timing expression from Netflix TT to sometimes be incorrectly threated as "Media" when importing a file in EZConvert has been solved.

    • Bug related to the import of Lambda CAP (.cap) files and causing the first letter in the last subtitle to be dropped has been fixed.

    • Problem causing Bouten characters inserted below text's base to be rendered incorrectly has been fixed.

    • The issue causing EZConvert to sometimes hang when using "Check Subtitles" for subtitles in Japanese has been solved.

    • Bug causing some Arabic characters , Lam with Alef in final form and Alef with Fathatan, imported from .890 subtitle file to be displayed incorrectly has been fixed.

    • Issue causing dash characters, imported from .890 subtitle files in Vietnamese, to be displayed as unprintable has been solved.

    • Problem related to the import of ProCap .txt files which ended with one or more empty lines has been fixed.

    • Problem with the "Preview subtitles on black box" option when the project was set for 4 Colors DVD system has been resolved.

    • Issue causing some characters to be displayed incorrectly when working with subtitles in Sinhala language has been solved.

EZConvert 5.1.11
  • Bug Fixes

    • Issue with the automatic recognition of then timing expression from TimedText and SMPTE-TT files has been fixed.

EZConvert 5.1.10
  • New Features:

    • RTL Reorder option is available when importing or exporting SubStation Alpha (.ssa/.ass) files. It works the same way as the RTL Reorder options already available for MicroDVD (.sub) and SubRip (.srt) formats and is available for Command Line, GUI and Watch Folder tools.

  • Improvements:

    • Two new video formats, HD (720x480) and HD (720x576), have been added in the Project Settings for CEA-608 Closed Captions mode. This way, all supported frame rates will be available for CEA-608 projects too.

  • Bug Fixes:

    • Issue causing the Output Settings of a Watch Folder to be reset to Default values, when adding folders already containing config files has been fixed.

EZConvert 5.1.9
  • New Features:

    • EZConvert now offers improved method for handling bi-lingual, bi-directional subtitles in WebVTT, SubRip, MicroDVD and SubStation Alpha formats. When a file containing lines written in both right-to-left (RTL), like Arabic and Hebrew, and left-to-right (LTR) languages is imported, EZConvert will perform advanced analysis to try and format the text with two available fonts. As a result, the text in LTR language will be formatted with Font 1 and the text in RTL language will be displayed with Font 2.

  • Improvements:

    • The WebVTT import and export options have been improved and will now correctly handle left-to-right (&#38;lrm;) and right-to-left(&#38;rlm;) marks typically found in a file containing text in Arabic or Hebrew and another non right-to-left language.

    • The SubRip (.srt) and MicroDVD (.sub) import options have been improved to support and correctly recognize when right-to-left and left-to-right markers are used in Unicode (UTF-8, UTF-16) encoded files.

    • SubRip (.srt) and MicroDVD (.sub) exports now provide the option to "Insert RTL/LTR marks" when exporting Unicode (UTF-8, UTF-16) encoded .srt or .sub files. RTL or LTR markers are used to indicate if weak characters like digits or punctuation should be displayed in left-to-right or right-to-left context.

    • The option to display black box behind the text for preview purposes only, View->Boxed, has been modified and as a result will display the selected from Project Settings->Effects or imported from a file custom text color.

    • The ProCap Text import has been improved to handle captions which are inserted on the same line.

  • Bug Fixes:

    • Bug related to opening .ezt files created by outdated version of EZTitles (3.5 and earlier) and causing parts of the text to be displayed as ruby characters has been resolved.

    • Issue causing the text from imported PAC file to be displayed messed up or outside of Safe Area margins has been resolved.

    • Bug related to import of certain Lambda Cap files and causing the program to crash with "Access Violation" error has been resolved.

    • The problem causing some of the Check or Find&#38;Replace options to be partially displayed when the display scaling was set to more than 100% on computers running Windows 8.1 is now fixed.

    • Watch Folder: Bug which used to disable the "Double control codes" option when converting to SCC has been fixed.

EZConvert 5.1.8
  • Bug related to saving of .EZTXML which might cause the program to crash has been fixed.

  • Watch Folder: The issue causing the Watch Folder to hang when converting EZTXML files has been resolved.

EZConvert 5.1.7
  • Critical issue causing creation of inconsistent subtitles after using Fix Subtitles with range of subtitles, for example from N2 to N100, for Marked Subtitles, for subtitles in the Log List, etc, has been fixed.

  • Command Line and Watch Folder Critical issue which may lead to various issues, including export of incorrect horizontal positions, when converting specific files like EBU STL, PAC, 890 to Open or Digital Cinema subtitles has been fixed.

  • Issue related to the export of images for Ultech DV2000/3000 and Toshiba Authoring System and causing corrupt images to be exported has been fixed.

  • New option to save the following symbols "&", "<", ">" with their XML/HTML reference codes when using the Custom Text Format export option is available.

  • Issue causing center aligned subtitles exported as CEA-708 MCC compatible with Adobe Premiere to be rendered incorrectly as offset from the central position has been fixed.

  • Issue related to the export of Substation Alpha (.ssa/.ass) subtitle files containing incorrect style version has been solved.

  • The problem leading to "Floating point division by zero" error when importing Substation Alpha (.ssa/.ass) files has been fixed.

  • Bug causing the Escape button to no longer close the Find&Replace dialog is fixed.

EZConvert 5.1.5
  • Presentation issue causing Arabic ligatures to be falsely displayed as unprintable characters has been fixed. This might have also lead to incorrect rendering of the ligatures by some fonts.

EZConvert 5.1.6
  • Issue causing Reference file to be imported and then exported as Second Subtitles track has been fixed.

EZConvert 5.1.4
  • EZConvert 5.1.4 introduces several improvements to the handling of Lambda CAP files:

    • Long dash character is exported with the respective formatting tag in accordance with Netflix Lambda CAP creation guide.
    • If a subtitle from the imported Lambda CAP doesn't have alignment property set, EZConvert will interpret and display it as center-left aligned in accordance with the Netflix Lambda CAP creation guide.
    • Designation or formatting space characters are replaced by tab characters for compliance.
    • Readability of the exported CAP file is increased by re-arranging the way overlapping subtitles are saved to the file.

  • The current update brings significant changes to the import and export of EBU STL subtitles:

    • Comments will automatically be imported from EBU STL and can be exported by using the respective Export Comments option from the export configuration dialog.
    • Alignment for individual subtitle lines, which otherwise differs from the subtitle's alignment attribute, will be considered and imported correctly. Please keep in mind that alignment for individually aligned lines will still be lost during the export. We're planning to properly modify the Export function at a later stage.
    • The Extension Block Number attribute will be treated correctly.

  • EZConvert 5.1.4 introduces support for yet another subtitle format: Unicode PAC. The Import/Export of Unicode PAC is available with the GUI, Command Line and Watch Folder tools for EZConvert TV and Pro. Unicode PAC can only be imported with EZConvert DVD.

  • The problem causing incorrect Safe Area margins in 890 mode to be kept when saving them in a project template has been resolved.

  • The issue preventing box effect to be correctly recognized and displayed when importing Timed Text files has been fixed.

  • Issue causing "Access Violation" errors when exporting files containing empty subtitles as Timed Text has been solved.

  • Issue causing outline's color to be incorrectly exported as fully transparent when exporting DLP and DCDM XML files for Digital Cinema has been fixed.

  • The issue related to the export of Apple iTunes .itt files and causing additional regions to be saved in the output has been fixed.

  • Several issues related to the import/export of Substation Alpha SSA/ASS files have been found and fixed.

  • Issue related to the import of Spruce STL and Apple DVD Pro STL files containing partial italics has been solved.

  • The problem causing formatting and functional information from Softitler TXT to be incorrectly imported as part of subtitles text has been fixed.
EZConvert 5.1.3
  • Handling of WEbVTT (.vtt) files has been significantly improved by adding support for:

    • Ruby Characters and Vertical Subtitles;

    • Languages in Right to Left direction;

    • Precise horizontal and vertical positioning expressed as percentage from picture's width and height.

  • The SSA/ASS import and export functions has been improved. Horizontal and vertical offset of the text will now be correctly read from or saved to SSA/ASS files.

  • Problem causing Access Violation error message when exporting into XLS when "milliseconds" has been selected as timing format is now fixed.

  • The issue causing Access Violation error message when exporting SCC files with double control codes is now fixed.

  • The problem related to incorrectly imported raised subtitles from Plain ASCII (.txt) files have been resolved.

  • The issue causing the lower case "æ" character to be displayed as unprintable in Teletext mode has been resolved.

  • The Chinese "small ideographic comma" (U+FE51) will be correctly indicated as not supported by Netflix.

EZConvert 5.1.2
  • Display for vertical subtitles in italics has been modified by changing the slant direction.

  • Import of SIF files with no alignment attribute set has been improved.

EZConvert 5.1.1
  • We are happy to introduce you to the brand new Secondary Subtitle Track functionality. Secondary Subtitle Track can be used to hold subtitles with overlapping time which become more and more common and in certain cases it may even be required to have two subtitles with identical or overlapping time displayed at the same time on screen. Subtitle formats which can make use of such subtitles are the Videotron Lambda CAP, DLP XML, DCDM (SMPTE 428-7) XML, Apple iTunes .itt, DVB as well exports to DVD Images.
    For more information please consult with the Secondary Subtitle Track topic in the product's Help.

  • EZConvert 5.1.1 brings significant improvements in handling of subtitles in the East Asian languages, primarily Japanese and Chinese:

    • Ruby character's position will be read and interpret as it was originally intended and saved in the input file.

    • Import and Export of Bouten from and to Lambda CAP is supported;

    • There are new Check Subtitles options designed to find subtitles containing Ruby Characters with specific position;

    • There are new Fix Subtitles options designed to change the position of all Ruby Characters;

    • New options to convert digits found in vertical subtitles to full-width characters is now available for the Fix Subtitles command

    • New options to create Horizontal Groups with number is now available for the Fix Subtitles command

    All of the above are supported by both the GUI, Command Line and Watch Folder conversion tools.
    For more information please consult with the Subtitles in East Asian languages topic in the product's Help.

  • The SMPTE-TT import and export options have been completely reworked. In EZConvert 5.1 there are two different SMPTE-TT profiles which are intended to satisfy the more general specifications and requirements as well as to cover the methods for conversion of CEA-608 captioning data into a compliant SMPTE-TT document:

    • SMPTE-TT Subtitles (XML)- has been designed upon the SMPTE-TT 2052-1:2010 standard and enable using the SMPTE-TT - for more general purposes.

    • SMPTE-TT CEA-708 Captions (XML) - has been designed upon RP 2052-10:2010 which is derivative of the general standard and is designed for the purposes of exchanging and archiving Closed Captions.

  • All Check Subtitles options are now available to the Command Line conversion tool.

  • Vertical subtitles and Ruby characters are now supported for the Apple iTunes Timed Text (.itt) Import and Export options.

  • EBU-TT-D files are now officially supported.

  • There is also large number of smaller improvements as well as bug fixes for recently reported issues.

EZConvert 5.0.12
  • Critical issue related to the export of subtitles for Netflix has been found and fixed.

EZConvert 5.0.11
  • The character verification feature adds new option which should be used when working on subtitles for Netflix. It's called "All Netflix glyphs" and will mark not supported by the Netflix Glyph List (version 2) characters despite the selected language in accordance with the Netflix most recent updates.

  • The value of the ttp:frameRateMultiplier attribute of SMPTE-TT files has been changed from "999 1001" to "1000 10001": ttp:frameRateMultiplier="1000 10001" for files intended for 23.976fps and 29.97fps.

  • The ISO 369-2 specifications will be used to determine the language code for the selected language in the Blu-ray BDN export.

  • Pop-on, Paint on and Roll-up styles will be read and interpret correctly when importing subtitles in the SMPTE-TT (CEA 608) format.

  • Couple of issues causing EZConvert to crash while trying to load captions from non-standardized .SCC have been fixed.

  • The problem causing EZConvert to discard captions without text when importing SCC files has been solved.

  • Problem causing SIF files containing empty subtitles to be rejected has been resolved.

  • Watch Folder: The problem causing the name of the exported with DLP and DCDM XML subtitle files font file to reset to Arial Unicode MS each time after opening the configuration options has now been resolved.

  • Watch Folder:The issue causing Watch Folder to consume high CPU time has now been resolved.

EZConvert 5.0.10
  • Watch Folder and Command Line tools introduce new option to perform Recut operations by using Timecode Segments from external file. For more information please refer to the respective Watch Folder Mode->Configuring Watch Folder->Timecode Conversion and Recut topic in the product's Help.

  • The bug causing subtitles with empty line(s) between the text imported from some Digital Cinema XML files to be displayed incorrectly has been fixed.

  • Attributes from the Apple DVD Pro (.STL) and Spruce DVD Maestro (.STL) files which are not supported will be discarded upon importing the files. Such attributes used to be incorrectly parsed and displayed as part of the subtitles text.

  • Vertical position of raised subtitles in the WebVTT format imported in and exported out of Closed Captions mode will be correctly preserved.

  • Bug related to the incorrect import and display of some two-line captions from Cheetah CAP files has been fixed.

  • Metadata saved in an EZT file will be correctly preserved and exported into EBU STL when using the Command Line and Watch Folder tools.

  • Bug causing some subtitles to be incorrectly indicated as "Exceeding maximum character limit" when converting EZT to EBU STL has been fixed.

EZConvert 5.0.9
  • Version 5.0.9 includes bug-fixes for a small number of minor issues.

EZConvert 5.0.8
  • Important!

    New security update has been implemented and as a result some users may receive warning message during the installation that EZConvert may eventually stop working. In this case please cancel the update and let us know about it so we can guide you through the installation process.

  • EZConvert 5.0.8 introduces new option in the Project Settings which can be used to identify if there are any illegal characters in the text according to the Netflix and ARTE requirements for allowed characters.

  • There are two new options dedicated to the import function for DLP Cinema and DCDM (SMPTE 428-7-2007) XML file. The first one will enable you to override the Line Spacing, Horizontal and Vertical safe area margins of your Project with those detected from the input file. And the second can be used to automatically recognize if a subtitle needs to be displayed "center-left" aligned.
  • Images in 2K and 4K resolution can now be exported from Digital Cinema Mode.

  • Specific issue related to the import of .SCC files containing italics and which caused has been now fixed.

  • Bug related to incorrect rendering of the Arabic letter Keheh with some fonts has been solved.

EZConvert 5.0.7
  • The problem with incorrect display of text in Arabic on computers running Windows 8.1 and Windows 10 has been resolved.

EZConvert 5.0.6
  • A new option to Recut a file by specifying Timecode Segments is now available for both the Watch Folder and Command Line tools.

  • The Command Line conversion tool can now perform Recut operations. All Recut operations can be configured from the corresponding [Recut] section in the new sample_config.cfg supplied with the installation.

  • More options for performing of Timecode Conversion operations with the Command Line Conversion tool have been added. They can be found in the corresponding [TC Conversion] section in the new sample_config.cfg supplied with the installation.
EZConvert 5.0.5
  • New option to create presets for most frequently used Check Subtitles and Fix subtitles options is now available.

  • New Check Subtitles and Find options - to check for/in vertically oriented subtitles - is now available.

  • The DLP XML import option will now correctly recognize &#60;Space&#62; tags from the input XML files.

  • Display of text lines formatted in Right-To-left font which don't contain any text written in right-to-left language has been improved.

  • The Import/Export of accented characters in PAC files has been modified to provide better compatibility with other applications and different equipment.

  • The dedicated to SRT files Export in Bold option will now work as intended and after activating it all the text will be saved as Bold in the output SRT file.

  • Bug causing only the first text line to be displayed in italics for subtitles containing more than 1 text lines when loading SIF files has now been fixed.

  • The issue related to the import of Closed Captions in the Roll-up style and containing more than 1 text line has been resolved.

EZConvert 5.0.4
  • Couple of issues related to Timecode Conversion operations when using Watch Folder and Command Line converter have been fixed.

EZConvert 5.0.3
  • The EBU export option now allows to export Open EBU STL with Maximum Number of Rows = 100 in the file's GSI block.

  • Bug causing the check for illegal characters not to activate in some situations when exporting EBU files for ARTE has been fixed.

  • Bug related to the Frame Rate conversion from higher to lower rates, from 25 to 24 for example, has been fixed.

  • Import of SAMI files has been improved to accept and recognize more characters which were represented as HTML reference codes.

  • Drawing and handling of text containing Ruby characters has been improved.

EZConvert 5.0.2
  • Ultra High Definition (3840x2160) resolution is supported in Open/DVD mode. Images in UHD (3840x2160) can now be exported from the EZConvert GUI, Watch Folder and Command Line converter.

  • Subtitles exported as EBU for Arte will start from Subtitle N:1 instead of Subtitle N:0

  • The Videotron Lambda (.cap) import function has been modified to accept files for which the subtitles' numbers are represented by the so called full-width digit characters.

  • The problem causing the Timecode Conversion options to stop working has been fixed.

EZConvert 5.0.1
  • Workflows - Now you have the full control to automate the conversion process to match your specific needs. You could convert a single file into multiple outputs with different settings and targets at the same time. Or you can import several different file types and produce several different outputs for each.

  • Watch Folder as a Windows service - The Watch Folder module can be installed as a Windows Service. This way it will work regardless if you’re logged on or not which makes it perfect for running on servers or in some advanced complex workflow set ups.

  • Quality control - We’ve added extensive Quality Control Checks so EZConvert can now find the most common errors contained in a subtitle file. The software will keep you informed on the result so you could take the necessary actions.

  • Digital Cinema Mode - you can now prepare subtitles for up to 4k resolutions, easily tune them for digital cinema and get an accurate preview of how they will be displayed on the screen. The following image resolutions are supported:

    • 1998 x 1080, 2K flat in 1.85 : 1 aspect ratio;
    • 2048 x 858, 2K scope in 2.39 : 1 aspect ratio;
    • 2048 x 1080, 2K full container in 1.90:1 aspect ratio;
    • 3996 x 2160, 4K flat in 1.85 : 1 aspect ratio;
    • 4096 x 1716, 4K scope in 2.39 : 1 aspect ratio;
    • 4096 x 2160, 4K full container in 1.90:1 aspect ratio.

  • Project Templates - It might have been frustrating to adjust the Project Setting each time you’re about to convert. Now you could save your project settings into a template so you could reuse them later.

  • Export Warnings – EZConvert will occasionally display extensive warnings when you export your subtitles and the output format doesn’t support certain formatting style or presentation attribute.

  • Watch Folder – The Watch Folder has been changed in a way that you can now specify Root Folder – where all configuration files and system folders will be kept and Input Folder- the folder where all the files for conversion will be submitted.

  • Watch Folder – will convert all files contained in sub-folders of the Input Folder. Please consider not to allow the Input and Root folders to be the same.

  • Asian Text Font - allows Asian and non-Asian text to be displayed by different font when they are inserted on the same line. The text displayed with the Asian dedicated font has the same size as the regular font.

  • MS Word .doc and .docx Import/Export - Plain ASCII, RTF and Custom Text Import/Export can be used with MS Word documents. In addition all plain text formats like SubRip .srt, MicroDVD .sub, Softitler .txt, etc. can be imported from .doc and .docx files.

  • Videotron Lambda (.cap) subtitle file format is supported for import and export.

  • Extended Support for Arabic and Asian Text Scripts - We’ve improved the rendering and added support for several new South Asian languages.

  • Vertical text and Ruby characters – EZConvert now supports rubies and vertical text so it is way more suitable for the Chinese and Japanese markets.