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Version 6.0.5

  • Bug Fixes

  • Fix an issue when migrating cues settings from EZTitles 5 Preferences to EZTitles 6 Project Templates.


Version 6.0.4

  • New Features

  • The intelligent behavior of Split Subtitles, Word to subtitle and Word to previous subtitle can be toggled on/off when working with videos analyzed by the Subtitling Assistant. The new option is available by pressing the new "Toggle intelligent commands" option from the toolbars, from the Subtitling Assistant drop-down menu or by assigning shortcut to it.

  • New commands for navigation in the Log List - We've added two new commands for moving to the Previous/Next subtitle in the Log List.

  • New commands for moving through the Checks - We've added two new commands that will move to the Previous/Next Check result when the Checks form is opened.

  • Improvements

  • Improved results when using Split Text to Subtitles command.

  • New Fix that automatically replace Horizontal Bar(U+2015) to Two-Em Dash (U+2E3A) in compliance with latest Netflix Specifications.

  • New Fix that automatically replace smart quotes to Double Prime Quotation Marks in compliance with latest Netflix Specifications.

  • Improved the visibility of Command Icons in the Command Insight pop-up window.

  • Bug Fixes

  • Fix Subtitle presets always reported as "Modified" when migrating settings from EZTitles 5 is now fixed.

  • Fixed unwanted Checks executed when invoking Check Subtitles from a Macro.

  • Fixed an issue that could result in missing spaces when saving your project in EZTXML file format.

  • Fixed an issue that could cause EZTitles to crash when Safe Area margins are set to 0px and the subtitle's box goes outside the screen.


Version 6.0.3

  • Improvements

  • EZTitles 6 now allows restoring of user backups created by EZTitles5 for easier and more convenient migration.

  • The list of supported by the Subtitling Assistant languages has expanded with the following additions: Hebrew (Israel), Albanian (Albania), Estonian (Estonia), Macedonia (North Macedonia) and Uzbek (Uzbekistan).
    The full list of supported languages can be viewed here.


Version 6.0.2

  • Bugs Fixed

  • Fixed a drawing issue when working in Silver of Graphite themes.


Version 6.0.1

  • New Features

  • Subtitling Assistant - the next gen smart feature intended to automate the process of creating Closed Captions both Pop-on and Roll-up, SDH Subtitles or Master Translation Templates. Subtitling Assistant can be used in two ways:

    • Recognize the spoken text from the audio and automatically generate captions/subtitles.
    • Split loaded text to subtitles and automatically synchronize (timecode) them with the audio.

  • Smart Commands - Uses the audio analysis data collected by the Subtitling Assistant to automatically align In- or Out-cues with the audio when certain split or move text commands are executed.

  • Macros - now you could record or code-in from scratch little programs which can automate frequently repeated operations, or which can group series of commands and actions and invoke them by a single button press.

  • Backup and Recovery - comprehensive project backup and recovery system to ensure fail-safe environment for your projects:

    • Auto Recovery creates temporary copy of the project which can be used in case of unexpected program or computer shutdown.
    • File History creates copies of the loaded project each time it’s being saved.
    • Unsaved Projects creates backup copy of every project/files which was once opened and modified but for whatever reason was not saved.
    • File Overwrite Protection creates a backup copy of the file so you don’t accidentally overwrite your existing project.

  • Commands Insight Toolbar - allows you to search and quickly access all commands in the program.

  • Disney IMSC 1.1 - Disney IMSC 1.1 import/export options fully complies with Disney's IMSC Subtitle Specifications, including Disney's Japanese Subtitles - IMSC 1.1 specification.

  • Netflix Japanese IMSC 1.1 - Import/export compatible with Netflix Japanese IMSC 1.1 Creation Guide.