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Version 6.2.12

  • New Features

  • Watch Folder: Automatic Logs and Files Clean up
    We are introducing set of new options to help you keep Watch Folders size under control. EZConvert's Watch Folder can be configured to automatically clear older logs and files from File/Settings. And in addition, there is the option to do that manually from Edit/Clean Up.

  • Watch Folder: Better indication for warnings and errors
    Watch Folders will be indicated in different color depending on the status of the conversion:

    • white- for Watch Folders without errors or warnings;
    • yellow- for non-critical errors/warnings raised;
    • red- for critical errors occurring during conversion.

  • Watch Folder: Warnings and Errors can be reset/cleared manually by selecting one or more Watch Folders in the GUI and then using Edit/Acknowledge Warnings/Errors.

  • New option to change Outline effect's opacity is available in Project Settings->Effects. Outline's opacity will be preserved when exporting:

  • Bug Fixes

  • Bug causing Check Subtitles to incorrectly report subtitles containing only numbers as Uppercase characters has been fixed.

  • Issue related to importing Closed Captions files and causing special characters to be displayed twice on the screen has been resolved.