Logs for:

Version 6.2.14

  • New Features

  • Added support for Afrikaans (South Africa) language in Subtitling Assistant. You could find the list of all supported languages here.

  • Improvements

  • Using the Ignore All command during spell checking will now save the ignored words to your project saved in EZTXML format.

  • The WebVTT importer will now properly handle position values that use fractional numbers.

  • Bugs Fixed

  • Fixed an issue that caused the "Out-cue snap to shot" command to snap to the wrong shot change in certain cases.

  • Issue causing the "Check for capital letter after punctuation" option of the spell checker to incorrectly report the lowercase word after three full stops (ellipsis).

  • Fixed an issues that could prevent Subtitling Assistant to analyze the audio when using a license from On-Line Licenses Manager.

  • A bug causing erroneous results when using an apostrophe in the Auto Correct search term is now fixed.

  • Fixed an issues that incorrectly disables the Ignore All spell checker command in certain cases.

  • Bug causing EZTitles to start in an inconsistent state after double-clicking on a file in Windows File Explorer is now fixed.

  • Fixed a bug that causes wrong font information to be included in EBU-TT-D after exporting EBU-TT compliant file from Teletext mode.

  • Fixed an issue causing EZTitles to sometimes crash when trying to use Thesaurus.