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Version 6.2.13

  • New Features

  • New option to check if the next letter after sentence ending punctuation (full-stop, question mark,etc.) is available in Tools->Proofing->Spell Checker.

  • New option to change presentation for the lines typed in with Font1 or Font2 is available for Titles->Format.

  • Find&Replace offers new options to change letter case for the replaced text.

  • Check results can now be exported as MS Excel file for further QC/verification.

  • Improvements

  • Colors configured through the custom color presets will now be saved for future use.

  • Rendering quality for 2bits/pixel DVB has been improved.

  • Corrupt dictionary files will no longer deny EZTitles from starting.

  • Various visual and theme related improvements of the whole EZTItles GUI.

  • Bugs Fixed

  • Problem with the "Snap subtitles to top/bottom safe area" option of Check Subtitles and Fix Subtitles has been identified and resolved.

  • Issue causing the vertical position to suddenly change while adding subtitles in Preview mode has been fixed.

  • Bug causing space characters to get trimmed when exporting to EBU STL has been resolved. The issue used to happen when the words around the space character were formatted with the "Default" color and visually identical color from the color palette.

  • The "em-dash" character (U+2014) used to be incorrectly displayed as "supported" character in CEA-708 mode while in fact it's not supported in CEA-708.

  • Access Violation error happening when changing displays or after waking up the computer and leading to incorrect drawing of the subtitles in the Preview List has been fixed.