Logs for:

Version 6.2.11

  • New Features

  • New option enabling automatic backup of all EZTitles's settings is available and turned on by default. This way, settings backups will be created when starting EZTitles for the first time each day.

  • Improvements

  • User Profiles can now be renamed directly from the Profiles drop-down menu.

  • Context menus displayed when right clicking on an item in EZTitles will behave better when Primary and Secondary mouse buttons have switched functions.

  • Color range for some videos is now normalized. Previously, the picture might get a little darker or brighter when played in EZTitles compared to the original video.

  • Bug Fixes

  • Issue causing serious slow-down when using MS Word for spell-checking in languages without the necessary proofing tools installed has been resolved.

  • Empty lines before or after subtitle's text will always be trimmed down when exporting a file. There were situations in which empty lines could have been exported in the output.

  • Bug related to configuring Export presets for EBU STL files has been resolved.