Logs for:

Version 6.2.1

  • New Features

  • New Speech-to-Text engine by AssembyAI is used for English audio (EN-US, EN-AU, EN-GB). It'll reduce processing time, increase punctuation accuracy and provide speaker change detection.

  • Text rendering based on the latest improvements in the DirectWrite technology allow us to benefit from the advanced typography features of OpenType fonts and hardware accelerated text. This will significantly improve typography and display of characters in EZTitles and various images outputs.

  • Project Settings in PAC and 890 modes are redesigned to exclude the no-longer necessary compatibility options.

  • Ruby Alignment parameter is supported and will be exported in TTML2, IMSC 1.1 and all image-based formats. Ruby Alignment can be modified from the Phonetic Guide and Fix Subtitles tools.

  • We’ve completely changed how the character per line value is calculated for Arabic, Thai, Hindi, etc. These scripts contain composite characters (characters with tone marks, top and bottom vowels, etc.) which now count as one character for all indicators and checks in EZTitles, including reading speed and duration calculations. This change is in line with the newest specifications from major broadcasters and streaming services and advancements in text editing applications.

  • Background colors will now be displayed in Open/Native and Digital Cinema modes by activating Enable background colors in Open/Native and Digital Cinema modes under Project Settings/Subtitles. Its main purpose is to preserve the background color from traditional subtitling formats like PAC, EBU STL and 890 when delivering to the more and more used Timed-Text based files.
    With the option activated the background color will be automatically exported to TTML1&TTML2, IMSC 1&IMSC 1.1, EBU-TT, SMPTE-TT Subtitles, WebVTT, PAC, 890 and EBU STL (TTX lvl1, TTX lvl2) as well as all image-based exports.

  • Video playback and text drawing will now benefit from Hardware Acceleration.

  • New DVB export option creating FFMPEG compatible (MPEG-TS) subtitles is available for EZTitles Ultimate.

  • Improvements

  • There is a new Character Code Table compatibility option added for Teletext projects that enables you easily spot unsupported by EBU STL characters right in the main editor. The Character Code Table options 1:1 represent the characters supported for each one of them according to EBU TECH 3264.

  • New Fix Subtitles option is available allowing to change position of all raised subtitles to Top.

  • Background color and outline can be exported in WebVTT.

  • New option to Prolong last subtitle in chain is available for Split text to subtitles and Out-cue and split text..

  • Option to view File History for all recent projects is now available.

  • New options for easier management of Local and Global Short forms are now available. Short forms can also be exported and loaded on different computers.

  • Option to add write full path to image files is available for the DaVinci Resolve compliant .fcpxml image-based export.

  • Disney IMSC 1.1 export now shows warning if the bouten symbols used in the file are not the approved Filled Dot (U+2022) symbol.

  • Bug Fixes

  • EZTitles 6.2.1 includes large number of minor issues and bug fixes, including those reported since EZTitles 6.1.18 has been released.