Logs for:

Version 6.1.15

  • New Features

  • New option to replace ‏ and ‏ marks with their Unicode counterparts U+200F and U+200E is available when exporting to WebVTT.

  • Total number of text lines will now be displayed under the main editor when Subtitle Information is enabled.

  • Improvements

  • List of languages for Row doesn't end on now use the same names and abbreviations as in the list of input languages in Project Settings. Previously, there were a few entries that did not match those in Project Settings.

  • Bug Fixes

  • Issue causing top aligned captions to be incorrectly reported as not snapped to the safe area has been fixed.

  • Video LambdaCap export has been modified for better compliance with SSG1. This includes better handling of control codes inside the LambdaCap file and better support of nested/partial italics.

  • Playback issue leading to skipping video frames while playing MPEG2 video has been resolved.