Logs for:

Version 6.1.10

  • Improvements

  • Updating entries in Subtitles from Audio > Row doesn't end on list will now happen when clicking the "OK" button. Previously, the list used to be saved/updated only after actually starting Subtitles from Audio

  • The Preview window when comparing two labeled revisions has been updated to always show the older revision on the left hand-side.

  • Bug Fixes

  • Bug with the Lambda Cap import causing text inside nested formatting tags to be displayed incorrectly has been solved.

  • A few minor bugs related to importing/exporting RTF/DOC/DOCX files or using MS Office for spell checking when MS Word isn't the default application for opening these type of files have been identified and fixed.

  • Bug causing "Access Violation" error when importing files in to Secondary Subtitles Track if the Auto Renumber option was enabled has been resolved.

  • Issue causing the Zero Subtitle to remain on screen until the first subtitle comes in when playing the vidoe in Preview mode has been fixed.

  • Bug related to using Split text to subtitles when there was Zero Subtitle inserted and causing the newly split subtitles to end up with incorrect numbers has been solved.

  • Incorrect "Not enough time to process"ccwarning when exporting SCC or other Closed Captions dedicated files if the project contained Zero Subtitle has been fixed.