Logs for:

Version 6.1.8

  • Improvements

  • Set Language improvements - Added a new option to apply language for spell checking only on Font 1 or 2.

  • Spell checker stability improvements - We've improved the integration between EZTitles and MS Word spell checker.

  • New Recut/Offset options - Added a new option to move only out-cues that are not chained to the next in-cue.

  • New video synchronization indicator - Added a new indicator in the main video window when the synchronization between the video and subtitles is turned off.

  • Bug Fixes

  • When exporting colored subtitles in WebVTT format the green color will now be properly exported as lime.

  • Fixed an issue that could cause Timeout errors when using the Subtitling Assistant.

  • Fixed a specific issue that could cause dashes at the end and start of line to move position when using Subtitling Assistant > Generate timecode for subtitles feature.