Logs for:

Version 6.1.7

  • Improvements

  • Production Scripts Import- Timings that have the HH, MM, SS and FF values separated by space are now supported.

  • Custom Text Export- new <bold> and <italic> tags are included for use in the File Header & Footer, Subtitle Header & Footer, Row & Subtitle Delimiter sections to increase the readability of none-text lines in the output file. Please refer to the dedicated Help topic for more details.

  • The max. allowed values for the Threshold and Gap intervals is increased to 99 frames.

  • Bug Fixes

  • Problem with the Play/Pause command not working until playing the video forwards / backwards has been resolved.

  • Issue causing the playback speed when using the Preview Subtitle Scenes Only option to reset after performing certain actions has been fixed.

  • Bug causing "Access Violation" error when trying to change justification of subtitles with not text is now fixed.