Logs for:

Version 6.1.6

  • New Features

  • New option to import CCSL, CDSL, Dialogue Lists and other tabular formats without effort. The Production Script import option is available with the EZTitles Standard and Ultimate license editions. For more details, please refer to the dedicated Help topic.

  • Subtitling Assistant has been significantly improved and now expands the scope of operations it can perform by introducing two new options:

    • Extract transcription for subtitles- fills in the existing subtitles with the text from the acquired audio transcription.

    • Generate timecode for subtitles- automatically generates timecode for the existing subtitles without changing their text.

    For more details about the new options, please refer to the dedicate Help topic.

    There are two other changes as well:

    • Added is a new option to Keep original subtitles as text breaks when using the Align loaded text to audio operation. It's meant to preserve the logical structure of the original text and will ensure that no text from two different text blocks from the original script have been merged in one subtitle by the Assistant.

    • Subtitling Assistant can now be used for videos in Hebrew. The list with all supported languages can be found here.

  • New option to select Programme Start Timecode from the Setup Timecode menu.
    Adding the new parameter lead to two more changes:

    • The selected Programme Start Timecode will be saved as part of project's Details.

    • The new parameter is visible when using the EZTitles Properties to quickly preview the statistics of a project without opening it in EZtitles.

  • SoftNI (.sub) files are now supported for import and export. The new options are part of the EZTitles Standard and Ultimate license editions.

  • Improvements

  • The "Media Start Timecode" option available in the export configuration of some formats has been renamed to "Recut/Offset" to outline more adequately its function and use.
    In addition, options to automatically fill it in using the Programme Start Timecode or Video's Start Timecode from the input file are also available.

  • The list of Netflix approved language codes has been updated to include all languages recently added to Netflix's Delivery specifications.

  • Find & Replace- new wildcards options for Start and End of subtitle. For more details, please refer to the dedicated Help topic.

  • The Video Crop function now offers 1:1 crop preset.

  • The Color Styles will be available for Check Subtitles and Find as long as the selected foreground color differs from the colors in the standard pallet.

  • The WebVTT import function is updated and now allows system symbols, such as "&","<" or ">" to be imported. Previously they had to be represented by their respective character reference codes or they wouldn't be read.

  • Auto center-left aligned subtitles can now be identified by Check Subtitles or Find using the option to look for "Not centered" subtitles.

  • Bug Fixes

  • Issue that may lead to EZTitles starting with "default" settings have been resolved.

  • Problem when using the Preview Subtitled Scenes option and leading to resuming playback at faster speed has been fixed.

  • Bug canceling text replacement when the length of the line would exceed the specified character limit has been resolved.

  • Issue with the Preferred Number of Rows option when using the maximum allowed for the project type value has been fixed.

  • Bug allowing TTML and IMSC files to be exported without a language identification tag is now fixed.