Logs for:

Version 6.1.2

  • New Features

  • Frame Rate and Timecode Format parameters can be read from the input file and then be used during the conversion without modifying Watch Folder's or Command Line's configurations. For more details, please refer to the dedicated Metadata pass-through topic in EZConvert's documentation.

  • New option aimed at replacing unsupported or corrupt characters during conversion is available with EZConvert's Watch Folder, Command Line conversion tools. For more details, please check the dedicated Text Replace topic in EZConvert's documentation.

  • The "Media Start Timecode" option available in the export configuration of some formats has been renamed to "Recut/Offset" to outline more adequately its function and use.
    In addition, options to automatically fill it in using the Programme Start Timecode or Video's Start Timecode from the input file are also available.

  • Programme Start Timecode and Video Start Timecode from the source file can be used to automatically fill in the Programme Start Timecode or Start of Message parameters when exporting EBU STL, EBU STL for ARTE, 890, DCDM (SMPTE 428-7) files.

  • SoftNI (.sub) files are now supported for import and export.

  • Improvements

  • The list of Netflix approved language codes has been updated to include all languages recently added to Netflix's Delivery specifications.

  • The WebVTT import function is updated and now allows system symbols, such as "&","<" or ">" to be imported. Previously they had to be represented by their respective character reference codes or they wouldn't be read.