Logs for:

Version 6.1.5

  • New Features

  • Subtitling Assistant: the option to "Align loaded script to audio" will now preserve the alignment and positioning as loaded from the original script.

  • Improvements

  • Subtitling Assistant:Additional Speech Recognition Service hosts in US-East and US-West are now available to mitigate and/or reduce the down-time in case of connection problems to the default one in Europe.

  • It's now possible to set justification for 1-line subtitles. This way adding new text line or splitting the line in two later on will respect the justification.

  • Bug Fixes

  • Subtitling Assistant: issue causing audio analysis to suddenly stop and never finishes when video's name contain "#" in the name has been resolved.

  • Bug making the Minimize button/function to stop working has been fixed.

  • Bug allowing TTML and IMSC files to be exported without a language identification tag is now fixed.