Logs for:

Version 6.1.1

  • New Features

  • Find (File->Find, Ctrl + F) features several new options allowing you to:

    • Search for words/phrases at the Start or End of a line.

    • Search for text formatted in italics or for text not formatted in italics.

    • Search text in the Main and Secondary subtitles tracks or for text only in the active track.

  • The list of supported by Netflix characters has been updated to accommodate the most recent changes of Netflix Accepted Glyph List .

  • It is now possible to select Disney+ from the Character Set providers list in the Project Settings menu. It will indicate as unprintable character any symbol that is currently not supported by Disney+ delivery guidelines.

  • Several new Quality Control and Fix Subtitles options are available for use with EZConvert's GUI, Watch Folder, Command Line and Config Editor tools:

    • Option to check for "Subtitles with Comments".

    • New option to "Delete subtitles without text" is available for Fix Subtitles.

    • New option to "Delete subtitles with empty cues" is available for Fix Subtitles

  • Watch Folders can be sorted in descending/ascending order by double clicking on the categories in Watch Folder's GUI.

  • The "Programme Start TC" will be filled in automatically when using .ezt & .eztxml as source and the keep information about video's start timecode as set by EZTitles.

  • Improved handling of language metadata from .ezt & .eztxml source files - if the specified in the Details language contains a country code it will be taken into account when converting the file.

  • Improvements

  • Handling of control codes and style tags has been improved to avoid the accidental insertion of double-spaces when working in Closed Captions (CEA-608), Teletext, PAC or 890 modes.

  • The max. value that can be entered as max. characters per row has been increased to 100.

  • There is a new option for the MS Excel export to subtitles' text in a single cell but without the line breaks.

  • Parenthesis, Square Brackets and Curly Brackets will no longer be exported "mirrored" after using the "RTL Reorder" option when exporting SubRip (.srt), MicroDVD (.sub) and SubStationAlpha (.ssa/.ass) files.

  • Bugs Fixed

  • "Access Violation" error when importing Cheetah CAP files containing incorrect Start Row and Column values has been fixed.

  • Issue related to the Media Start TC value when exporting IMSC1/IMSC 1.1 files has been fixed.

  • "Access Violation" error when importing SMPTE-TT or IMSC image-based scripts has been fixed.