Logs for:

Version 6.0.13

  • Improvements

  • 3 full stops will automatically be converted to ellipsis character U+2026 when exporting Netflix-TT files. This is required by the most recent changes in the Netflix Timed Text Style Guide.

  • The Macros functionality has been expanded and it is now possible to display and use simple input forms. For more details, please check the InputBox and InputBoxEx functions in the supplied with the installation EZTitlesMacrosObjectModel.pdf document.

  • Bug Fixes

  • Issue related to the import of PAC files and causing spaces on certain positions to be discarded and not displayed has been fixed.

  • Bug causing the Default Row option, defined at Edit->Preferences->Editing, to sometimes change was identified and resolved.

  • Problem related to the incomplete and incorrect display of some diacritic marks and accents in Syriac scripts has been resolved.

  • Issue causing the thumbnails track in the Timeline to keeps resetting to its default size has been fixed.

  • Several issues leading to incorrect behavior of the Draft and Log lists when removing or deleting subtitles from them have been fixed.