Logs for:

Version 6.0.8

  • Improvements

  • 3 full stops will automatically be converted to ellipsis character U+2026 when exporting Netflix-TT files. This is required by the most recent changes in the Netflix Timed Text Style Guide.

  • Command Line- New configuration parameter has been added to the sample_config.cfg file that allows timecode conversions to be performed without using the "-r" switch.
    Instead, source file's Frame Rate and Timecode Format can be specified directly in the configuration file. For more details, please refer to [TC Conversion] section in the sample_config.cfg file supplied with the installation.

  • Bug Fixes

  • Issue related to the import of PAC files and causing spaces on certain positions to be discarded and not displayed has been fixed.

  • Problem related to the incomplete and incorrect display of some diacritic marks and accents in Syriac scripts has been resolved.