Logs for:

Version 6.0.12

  • Improvements

  • Alignment attribute for vertical subtitles justified to the top side will be exported as tts:textAlign="start" when exporting TTML-based files (TTML2, IMSC 1.1, Netflix-TT, Disney+ IMSC1.1) in accordance with the latest recommendations and delivery specs.

  • Bug Fixes

  • Issue causing the EZTitles Cloud Integration service to sometimes stop working and incorrectly report that the Cloud Services were not available has been fixed.

  • Problem causing the Subtitles from Audio function to stop working or slow-down significantly if the video used to contain very little number of shot changes has been resolved.

  • Bug causing "List index out of bounds" error when using Subtitling Assistant->Start/Resume Audio Analysis has been found and fixed.

  • Visual glitch with the Find & Replace form when viewed on displays with high scaling and DPI settings has been resolved.

  • Bug related to changing the extension of the exported file when there was a full stop in file's name has been fixed.