Logs for:

Version 6.0.11

  • New Features

  • Macros object model has been updated and now you can find a couple of new properties of the Subtitle object: RowCount, ChainedWithNext and ChainedWithPrevious, as well as a new method IndexOfSubtitle which can be used to check if a subtitle has already been added to Log or Draft lists. For more details, please refer to the EZTitlesMacrosObjectModel.pdf document inside EZTitles' installation folder.

  • Improvements

  • There's a new option allowing to change the default extension of the output file when exporting Timed-Text based formats, including Netflix-TT. For this, simply select the new extension from the Save as Type drop-down menu when choosing where to save the file.

  • Cloud Services integration has been updated and will no longer work while Internet Explorer is selected as the default browser due to the most recent changes implemented by DropBox and Google Drive. Internet Explorer is no longer supported by their respective APIs.

  • Roll-up captions with out-cues that are in the gap of 0 frames to Blank between pop-ons interval from the next caption will no longer trigger a warning when performing Checks. These captions are considered as chained and their out-cues will automatically be removed during export.

  • Bug Fixes

  • Issue with imported videos causing audio issues when playing the imported video at slow speed, x0.1, x0.5 and so on, has been resolved.

  • Problem related to modifying the in-cue of chained captions (captions without out-cue in Closed Captions mode) has been fixed. Their durations didn't use to update correctly in the Preview list.

  • Issue causing the Timeline to not scale properly on monitors with high DPI and zoom levels has been resolved.

  • Bug causing the magnifying glass icon in the bottom left to not always work as expected is now fixed.

  • The progress bar displayed after using the Out-cue and split text command will no longer show.

  • Several issues with the Subtitling Assistant have been resolved as well:

    • Audio Analysis configuration sometimes not saved correctly after analyzing a video file. The problem used to be resolved by opening and closing the Subtitling Assistant->Start Audio Analysis once.

    • Issue causing the Row doesn't end on option to work incorrectly when the language of the project was not English-US has been fixed.

    • Bug causing Access Violation and List Index out of Bounds errors when starting Subtitling Assistant after the last subtitle in the Preview list has been fixed.

    • Align loaded script to audio used to add extra spaces after control codes such as italics, colors, etc in Teletext/Closed Captions modes.

    • Subtitling Assistant will now handle dash/hyphen characters indicating speaker change with greater priority. Text after speaker change will always start in new subtitle or on new line depending on the particular configuration.