Logs for:

Version 6.0.4

  • New Features

  • The "Find & Replace" functions have been enhanced and now support wildcards, special characters that substitute one or more characters, and even regular expressions. Please check the dedicated topic for more details.

  • Improvements

  • The "Convert Arabic to full-width digits in vertical subtitles" option available for Fix Subtitles is renamed to "Convert between Full- and Half-width digits".
    The options has been also modified to follow Netflix's guidelines for writing numbers in Japanese subtitles. Please check Japanese Text Style Guide, paragraph I.16. Numbers or the EZTitles Help for details.

  • Warning will be displayed when exporting Netflix-TT file in Japanese if the inappropriate type of quotation marks are used in the file. According to the latest Netflix's style guide update half-width double quotes U+201C & U+201D should be used instead of full-width double prime quotation marks U+301D & U+301F.

  • PNG image generation has been improved for Blu-ray BDN when working with two subtitle tracks. Now overlapping images will share the same color pallet to avoid exceeding the 255 color limit at any given time.

  • The extension of the exported Netflix-TT files has been changed from .dfpx to .xml according to Netflix's requirements.

  • The EBU for Arte export has been changed to allow 37 characters (no colors) or 36 characters in different color to be exported.

  • Bugs Fixed

  • Problem when exporting subtitles for Final Cut Pro X from a project with custom resolution has been identified and fixed.

  • Issue with the export of SRT files when the last subtitle was empty has been fixed.

  • Problem related to changing between Digital Cinema and Teletext modes and causing incorrect horizontal positions to be assigned to subtitles containing empty lines has been fixed.