Logs for:

Version 6.0.7

  • New Features

  • EZTitles now supports the built in Windows 8,Windows 8.1 and Windows 10 spell checking API. Respectively, new "Windows built-in" is available on computers running Windows 8 and later.

  • Improvements

  • Subtitling Assistant - videos with English audio will always be analyzed with the language set to English (United States). This is required because Google's speech recognition engine provides improved speech-to-text features only for English (United States) while it's lacking for all other English localizations.

  • Subtitling Assistant - formatting style (italics, colors) will be preserved when the Assistant is configured to Align script to audio. Previously, all styles and positions used to be discarded.

  • The "Convert Arabic to full-width digits in vertical subtitles" option available for Fix Subtitles is renamed to "Convert between Full- and Half-width digits".
    The options has been also modified to follow Netflix's guidelines for writing numbers in Japanese subtitles. Please check Japanese Text Style Guide, paragraph I.16. Numbers or the built in EZTitles help for details.

  • Netflix Timed Text (Neflix-TT) files will be exported with the .xml extension by default. The extension can still be changed to .ttml/.dfxp during the export if needed.

  • Bug Fixes

  • Subtitling Assistant - bug causing "Cannot open "  " file..." error when trying to start the Assistant has been fixed.

  • Issue with the "Split Text to subtitles" feature resulting in incorrectly split text if there were quotation marks in the text and a video file loaded in has been resolved.

  • Problem related to changing between Digital Cinema and Teletext modes and causing incorrect horizontal positions to be assigned to subtitles containing empty lines has been fixed.

  • Bug when using the "Send Marked to Draft List" command and causing slow-down has been resolved.

  • Issue causing "List index out of bounds" errors when opening .ezt/.eztxml projects containing invalid Zero Subtitle has been fixed.

  • Bug related to the "Paste subtitles" command and causing the comment inserted for the next subtitle to be multiplied has been fixed.

  • Problem with settings migration (from ver.5 to ver.6) when EZTitles was integrated with DropBox has been resolved.

  • Several problems related to the Spell Checking functions were found and fixed.

  • Issue related to using Video Import and causing the last 10 frames to be cut off has been fixed.

  • Problem with the playback of MJPEG encoded videos in the YUV color space has also been resolved.