Logs for:

Version 6.0.6

  • New Features

  • EZTitles now supports the latest version of FFMPEG to increase the video playback capabilities and solve a number of already known playback related issues.

  • Subtitling Assistant now provides an option to analyze the video in segments. Each of the segments defined can also be analyzed in different language suitable for materials with more than one spoken language.

  • The "Subtitles from Audio", "Split text to subtitles", "Word Wrap" and "Out-cue and split text" functions have been reworked completely.
    As part of the update, rules priorities are now back and the user can choose their individual weight to the algorithm. The above-mentioned functions each have integrated Preview to facilitate the configuration and use.

  • In compliance with the latest updates to the Timing Rules implemented by Netflix, Fix Subtitles offers new "Netflix mode" option aimed at the automatic resolution of shot change related issues. The option doesn't require any further configuration and will automatically follow the Timing Rules as mentioned in the above article.

  • All Global Commands can now be executed for the subtitles in the main and secondary subtitle tracks simultaneously by activating the dedicated "Include both subtitle tracks" option.

    This change applies to the options accessible from the Titles drop-down menu:

    • Format
    • Delete
    • Recut (Offset)
    • Hide/Unhide
    • Change Case
    • Replace Color
    • Raise Subtitles
    • Shift subtitles text
    • Split text to subtitles
    • Word Wrap
    • Reset Subtitles
    • Check Subtitles and Fix Subtitles

    In addition, similar option is also available when exporting the project after clicking on "Export range of subtitles".

  • Improvements

  • The EBU STL export function now offers more detailed information what might be causing the "row is truncated" warning if there were longer lines.

  • Excel XLS export now offers option to export subtitle numbers.

  • Hermes ID removed from the Netflix Timed Text export as it is no longer used by Netflix

  • The threshold interval when using "Fix Subtitles" to automatically correct "Shot Changes" issues can now be configured to 1 frame. Previously, the minimum possible value was 2 frames.

  • Bug Fixes

  • Bug causing subtitles in right-to-left languages to sometimes be indicated as "outside safe area" has been fixed.

  • Bug related to the Subtitling Assistant and resulting in "Subtitling Assistant didn't process the video completely last time" error has been fixed.

  • Issue with the "Split text to subtitles" and the Intelligent commands if there was a subtitle inserted before the first video frame has been fixed.

  • Bug causing "List index out of bounds" error when exporting Disney+ IMSC 1.1. compliant files has been fixed.

  • Issue with the Fix Subtitles option to "Snap to left/right/center safe area" has been fixed.

  • Macros: new features

  • In addition to the above list, EZTitles 6.0.6 comes with improvements in the Macros engine as well.:

  • Macros can be organized and sorted in groups.

  • Macros can be executed directly from the Edit Macro window by pressing the corresponding "Run" button.

  • New function SetColorStyle() to change the background and foreground colors is available.

  • New HasText property of the Subtitle object is available that can be used to determine if the subtitle has text in it or not.

  • New DefaultDoubleHeight property of the ProjectSettings object is available.

  • Text and background colors can be set by the respective functions by using their respective names i.e. "yellow", "green", etc.

  • New ReplaceAllSilent() function is available. It works similarly to the regular ReplaceAll() but doesn't display any warning or confirmation messages - all replacements would be executed silently.

  • The ShowLogList() function will automatically prevent duplicate subtitles from showing in the LogList.