Logs for:

Version 6.0.3

  • New Features

  • Added a new Config Editor that provides a simplified interface to edit configuration files used by the Command Line tool.

  • Now following Global commands work on both subtitles tracks:

    • Recut

    • Fix Subtitles

    • Check subtitles – it works like Find-a – it first checks the Main track, then the Secondary Track.

  • In addition, there is new “Include both subtitle tracks” option, which is available when there are 2 subtitle tracks in the current project and “Export Range of Subtitles” option is activated in “Export subtitles” window.

  • Added EBU STL for ARTE export to the Command Line and Watch Folder module.

  • Improvements

  • EBU STL export now offers more detailed information, if “Row is truncated” warning message is triggered.

  • Excel XLS export now offers option to export subtitle numbers.

  • Hermes ID removed from the Netflix Timed Text export as it is no longer used by Netflix.

  • New parameter in the Command Line tool for Programme Start TC added to EBU STL export.

  • Added an option that passes the input file's language to the exported DVD/Blu-ray script.

  • Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an issue with “Snap to left/right/center safe area" not working as expected in some cases for subtitles with row alignment

  • Fixed an issue where importing certain SubRip SRT files gave “EZTitles couldn't automatically recognize the file format.” message.

  • Fixed an issue when importing Excel XLS, where cues have been specified as Frames or Milliseconds.

  • Issue with “List index out of bounds (0)” for certain Disney IMSC1.1 with Japanese has been fixed.

  • Fixed an issue with EZConvert showing false "Outside Safe Area", if “Right to Left” font option is enabled.