Logs for:

Version 6.0.1

  • New Features

  • Subtitling Assistant - the next gen smart feature intended to automate the process of creating Closed Captions both Pop-on and Roll-up, SDH Subtitles or Master Translation Templates. Subtitling Assistant can be used in two ways:

    • Recognize the spoken text from the audio and automatically generate captions/subtitles.
    • Split loaded text to subtitles and automatically synchronize (timecode) them with the audio.

  • Smart Commands - Uses the audio analysis data collected by the Subtitling Assistant to automatically align In- or Out-cues with the audio when certain split or move text commands are executed.

  • Macros - now you could record or code-in from scratch little programs which can automate frequently repeated operations, or which can group series of commands and actions and invoke them by a single button press.

  • Backup and Recovery - comprehensive project backup and recovery system to ensure fail-safe environment for your projects:

    • Auto Recovery creates temporary copy of the project which can be used in case of unexpected program or computer shutdown.
    • File History creates copies of the loaded project each time it’s being saved.
    • Unsaved Projects creates backup copy of every project/files which was once opened and modified but for whatever reason was not saved.
    • File Overwrite Protection creates a backup copy of the file so you don’t accidentally overwrite your existing project.

  • Commands Insight Toolbar - allows you to search and quickly access all commands in the program.

  • Disney IMSC 1.1 - Disney IMSC 1.1 import/export options fully complies with Disney's IMSC Subtitle Specifications, including Disney's Japanese Subtitles - IMSC 1.1 specification.

  • Netflix Japanese IMSC 1.1 - Import/export compatible with Netflix Japanese IMSC 1.1 Creation Guide.