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EZTitles Plug-in for Cambria File Convert
Version 5.3.14

  • New Features

  • The Plug-in now supports IMSC 1.1 files in Japanese.

  • Added support for the new Disney+ IMSC 1.1 based format for subtitles in Japanese.

  • Improvements

  • Several aspects of rendering Timed Text and IMSC based subtitle formats have been modified to increase the compatibility and compliance with other applications and equipment. As a result, Timed Text or IMSC files generated by EZTitles and EZConvert 5.3.13 or older may not render correctly by version 5.3.14 of the Plug-in.

  • Bugs Fixed

  • Issue when importing Timed Text or IMSC based files containing text in Right to Left direction leading to incorrect display of text's position on the screen has been resolved.

  • DLP Cinema XML and DCDM files that doesn't fully comply with the specifications because the line breaks are represented only by carriage Return "0D" or Line Feed "0A" will be accepted.

  • The Romanian special character "t with comma" will be displayed correctly when the source file is PAC.

  • Issue causing 4 Czech special characters to be incorrectly displayed when using 890 files has been fixed.