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EZTitles Plug-in for ProMedia Carbon
Version 5.2.7

  • Improvements

  • According to forthcoming update in the Japanese iTunes Timed Text specifications, center aligned but left justified text is supported for Japanese subtitles in the iTunes Timed Text (.itt) format. Horizontal subtitles can no longer be aligned to the left of the image.

  • Bugs Fixed

  • The problem causing subtitles to become invisible when Soft Shadow is applied has been fixed.

  • Issue related to the conversion between Teletext and Open subtitles and causing vertical positions to be calculated incorrectly in some cases has been fixed.

  • The issue causing subtitles not to be displayed or rendered when the In-Cue is identical with the loaded clip's start time is now solved.

  • Issue causing the Plug-in to crash when importing incorrectly created and formatted Lambda Cap files is fixed.