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EZTitles Plug-in for Cambria File Convert
Version 5.2.2

  • New Features

    • Display of certain characters, tilde, full-width tilde and smart quotation marks has been improved when the characters appear in vertical subtitles.

    • The Maximum Characters per Line limit has been changed and now it allows different line length limits to be set for text in Horizontal and Vertical subtitles.

    • There is a new option allowing half-width characters to be counted as 0.5 towards the line length limit which is intended for use with subtitles in Japanese and Chinese

    • EZConvert 5.2.2 introduces two new options for calculating Reading Speed for subtitles in Japanese and Chinese:
      • - option to count half-width characters as 0.5;
      • - option to exclude punctuation marks from the Reading Speed.

    • There is a new Check option, Vertical Position, that will check if subtitles' text appear visually in the Top or Bottom half of the screen.

  • Improvements

    • All plain text export options like SubRip SRT, Plain ASCII .txt, MicroDVD .sub, SubStationAlpha .ssa/ass, etc, can now export UTF-8 encoded files without BOM (Byte Order Mask).

    • The WebVTT file export now enables CSS styling information to be saved in the output .vtt file.

    • Display of certain characters, tilde(~) and grave accent(`), has been properly corrected when imported from .890 files in different languages.

  • Bugs Fixed

    • The problem causing white space characters inserted in formatting tags to be trimmed down when importing SAMI .smi files has been fixed.

    • Access Violation error message caused by importing SubStationAlpha (.ssa/.ass) files when some of the in-line style override parameters are missing has been fixed.

    • The issue causing text imported from Closed Captions files (.scc, .cap, etc) to be incorrectly displayed as center-left aligned instead of left aligned when there were precisely 31 characters on a text line has been fixed.

    • Problem making the Plain ASCII (.txt) import to discard text from subtitles containing just a single character has been resolved.