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EZTitles Plug-in for ProMedia Carbon
Version 5.1.12

  • New Features

  • Bugs Fixed

    • Bug causing timing expression from Netflix TT to sometimes be incorrectly threated as "Media" has been solved.

    • Bug related to the import of Lambda CAP (.cap) files and causing the first letter in the last subtitle to be dropped has been fixed.

    • Problem causing Bouten characters inserted below text's base to be rendered incorrectly has been fixed.

    • Bug causing some Arabic characters , Lam with Alef in final form and Alef with Fathatan, imported from .890 subtitle file to be displayed incorrectly has been fixed.

    • Issue causing dash characters, imported from .890 subtitle files in Vietnamese, to be displayed as unprintable has been solved.

    • Problem related to the import of ProCap .txt files which ended with one or more empty lines has been fixed.

    • Issue causing some characters to be displayed incorrectly when working with subtitles in Sinhala language has been solved.