Logs for:

Version 5.1.1

  • Rendering of subtitles with smooth segments has been significantly improved, depth will change more frequently for the duration of the subtitle. The new sub-pixel rendering will also has effect to the exported subtitle file guaranteeing more pleasant experience to the viewer.

  • 3DTitles 5.1.1 offers the possibility to choose the precise horizontal or vertical offsets for the Move Subtitle Left/Right and Fine Move Subtitle Up/Down commands to your preference. Horizontal and vertical offset can be configured from the "File->Preferences->Miscellaneous" menu.

  • There is a new Merge option available which enables two .ezt or .eztxml files to be merged together. The new Merge feature allows timing, text, formatting and positioning information or subtitles depth to be copied from one of the files and applied to the other.

  • There are more configuration options added to the EDL export feature intended to increase the compatibility with various NLE systems.

  • 3DTitles 5.1.1 adds new options to customize the visual appearance of the editor, including the well-known Silver and Graphite themes, accessible from the "File->Preferences->Appearance" menu.

  • The depth calculated or set for the current position in the video will be represented as a number on the Subtitle Depth Graph.

  • There is also large number of smaller improvements as well as bug fixes for recently reported issues.