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EZTitles Plug-in for ProMedia Carbon
Version 5.1.1

  • We are happy to introduce you to the brand new Secondary Subtitle Track functionality. Secondary Subtitle Track can be used to hold subtitles with overlapping time which become more and more common and in certain cases it may even be required to have two subtitles with identical or overlapping time displayed at the same time on screen.

    For more information please consult with the Vertical and Overlapping Subtitles topic in the product's Help.

  • Overlapping or asynchronous subtitles are accepted from all supported file formats.

    For Quality Control purposes we also added new option which can stop transcoding if there were Overlapping Subtitles in the selected file.

  • Added is support for Apple iTunes Timed Text (.itt) files containing Ruby Characters and/or vertical subtitles.

  • EBU-TT-D files are now officially supported.

  • There is also large number of smaller improvements as well as bug fixes for recently reported issues.