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Help Menu

You can access the User's Guide, see the full list of the keyboard's shortcuts and commands, visit EZTitles's website, check for an updated version of your software or send us a report if EZTitles does not work properly. There is also an About box with system and registration information.

EZTitles Help

A typical help feature. You can search for anything you like as it contains all the secrets of EZTitles. We highly recommends you to take your time and get familiar with the software before you start actually using it for work. This feature can also be accessed by pressing the F1 button on your keyboard.

Commands and Shortcuts

The Commands and Shortcuts opens an HTML page in a new web browser window with all currently defined commands and keyboard shortcuts that can be used in EZTitles.

This can be accessed by pressing the Alt+F1 button combination on your keyboard.

EZTitles online...

This option will open EZTitles's home webpage in your default internet browser. There you can check for news, get support or find out about the new products we are offering.

Privacy Policy...

Links to the current Privacy Policy statement issued by EZTitles Development Studio LTD and published at:
which covers the basic principles of collecting, keeping and using personal, personalized or anonymous user data.

Check for updates...

This feature will check our website for available software updates for your EZTitles. Note that our software will not update automatically.

If there are new versions available you have to log-in at the customers section on our web page with the username and password we've sent you following your purchase. Then visit the "Latest versions" page, download and install the most recent version of EZTitles from there.

Prepare  Crash Report

Prepare Crash Report will create a .ZIP file on your computer's Desktop containing files which we could use to track down the errors or problems you have experienced, including the error log, your personal user settings and general information about the video codecs you have installed on your computer.

E-mailing the ZIP to us will help us locate and solve your issues faster.


The About box gives information about your registration and system hardware. When you click on the “More…” button, a window with full system information shows up.

You have been given the chance to copy this information by clicking the appropriate button.