Export DVD Images

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Export DVD Images

In general exported subtitles contain image files for every subtitle with unique names and a text script that combines these files. The text script includes in- and out-cues, and information about placement of the images. Title and other information about the subtitled material can also be included. The structure of the script file is usually described in the selected authoring system manuals and in general differs depending on the system.

The scrip format and images depend on the selected authoring system. The following authoring systems are supported by EZTitles:

Authoring System

Supported image formats

Sonic Reel DVD/ Scenarist

BMP 8 bit, BMP 8 bit RLE, TIFF 8 bit, TIFF 8bit RLE

Spruce DVD Maestro

TIFF 8 bit

Graphics STL

BMP 8 bit, BMP 8 bit RLE, TIFF 8 bit, TIFF  8 bit LZW

Pinnacle Impression DVD

BMP 8 bit, BMP 24 bit

Adobe Encore DVD

BMP 8 bit, BMP 24 bit, TIFF 8 bit, TIFF  8 bit LZW, TIFF 24 bit

Apple DVD Studio Pro 4

BMP 8 bit, BMP 8 bit RLE, TIFF 8 bit, TIFF  8 bit LZW

Blu-ray BDN XML

PNG 8 bit, PNG 32 bit

Sonic Scenarist Advanced Content

PNG 8 bit, PNG 32 bit

DoStudio Authoring Suite

PNG  8bit

Ultech DV2000/DV3000 *


Final Cut Pro X and earlier

TIFF 32 bit, TIFF 32 bit LZW, PNG 32 bit

Panasonic Blu-Ray Authoring SPI

PNG 8bit

Toshiba DVD Authoring System

BMP 8 bit

Custom (4 colors)

BMP 8 bit, BMP 8 bit RLE, BMP 24 bit, TIFF 8 bit, TIFF  8 bit LZW, TIFF 8bit RLE, TIFF 24 bit


BMP 24 bit, BMP 32 bit, TIFF 24 bit, TIFF 32 bit, TIFF 32 bit LZW, PNG 8 bit, PNG 32 bit


EZTitles supports various image formats, but not all of them can be used for each and every authoring system.

In the second column of the above table are listed the supported image formats. Some authoring systems use images cropped around the text, while other use full-frame images.

The supported authoring systems, with the exception of the Custom and NONE/HD/NLE options, accept strictly defined sets of images and text scripts.

EZTitles automatically takes care about the specific requirements.

When an authoring system is selected the export dialog layout is changed accordingly and there are only a minor number of things you should consider.

Blu-ray BDN XML exports subtitles for Blu-ray discs and Sonic Scenarist Advanced Content exports subtitles for HD-DVD.

The Graphics STL option is intended to supply images and STL script compatible with Spruce DVD Maestro's STL input option.

It supports both BMP and TIFF outputs as well and has different color palette.

Export in custom format

The other two options Custom (4 colors) and NONE/HD/NLE are special ones. The text script and the image formats are fully customizable.

Custom (4-colors) system is intended for classic DVDs that use 4-colors images.

NONE/NLE/HD system exports full color anti-aliased images with alpha channel (PNG, TIFF, etc.).

These special authoring systems are discussed in more details later in NONE/HD/NLE and Custom 4 Color Systems topic.

* Although the Ultech DV2000 is not actually a DVD authoring system, subtitles for it are exported from here because the output has very similar structure and consists of script file and special set of images.