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The whole visual layout and the keyboard shortcuts are combined into profiles. The Profiles menu is located on a quick button on the right side of the program caption:

 Profiles Menu

Profiles Menu

The Profile contains the shortcuts assigned to each command, the timeline position and options, all the toolbars and the default position for the different forms like the Checks, Fix Subtitles, Find/Replace, etc.

Changing an attribute, toolbar or shortcut will be directly applied as a change to the active profile.

EZTitles comes with the following predefined profiles:

General – Intended for work in Open or Digital Cinema modes. It sets all important tools required for doing an Open/DVD or Digital Cinema project.

Teletext – Is generally intended for working with Teletext projects and shows the tools most frequently used with teletext subtitles like the background/foreground colors, double height command, etc.

Closed Captions – Focuses on the tools for Closed Captioning like the commands to set Closed Captions’ styles (Paint-on, Pop-on, Roll-up), colors, tools for horizontal and vertical position and justification of the lines, etc.

The active profile can be easily changed by clicking on the corresponding name in the above menu. All settings with the chosen new profile are loaded and applied.

If you want to add a new Profile, you just need to click the New... item. Then enter the desired name for your new profile and press the OK button. The new profile will be created and activated with the settings currently in use. Changing an attribute, toolbar or shortcut will be directly applied as a change to the new active ‎Profile.‎

You can also Remove... or Rename... a profile. Selecting the respective option will pop-up the list of all profiles where you can select the one to delete/rename.

Note: The default Closed Captions, General and Teletext profiles cannot be deleted.

Reset Profile to Defaults

Restores the default settings for the current profile.