Working with Subtitle Files

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Working with Subtitle Files

Subtitles Import

Selecting the File/Import from the menu or clicking the toolbar button will bring up a standard Windows open dialog. There is also "Append" check box at the bottom of the dialog which you can select if you want to append the imported file to the current subtitles. EZConvert automatically recognizes the format of the file and will show a configuration dialog with more options. Import options for all supported file formats are described with the Import Subtitles topic and its subtopics.

If for some reason EZConvert fails to recognize the format use File/Advanced Import. It will bring the full list of supported file formats where you can choose the right one.

Quality control and other intermediate manipulations

After the file is loaded you can check if the subtitles follow certain rules or requirements. Use Check Subtitles command where you can specify various rules and criteria.

Furthermore you can use Recut and Fix Subtitles commands to make some adjustments.

Subtitles Export

To export your current subtitle file in a desired format supported by EZConvert, use the File / Export command or the button on the toolbar. The export dialog which is thoroughly discussed in Export Subtitles will appear.

DVD Subtitles Export

EZConvert can export subtitles for various DVD/Blu-ray authoring systems as images. Use the File / Export DVD Bitmaps command or the button on the toolbar.

Images export is described with the Export DVD Images section. Ultech DV2000 and EDL are also included here. The command is enabled only in Native/DVD mode (see Project Properties).