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Open Subtitles


From here you can control the Boxed subtitles' look. The following parameters can be specified:

Left, Right, Top and Bottom extends - how many pixels the box will be expanded with in the corresponding direction. For PAL/NTSC resolution the defaults are left: 18 pixels, right: 18 pixels, top and bottom are 0 pixels.

Color option specifies the color of the box. The default color is black.

Opacity option is applied for Ghost boxed, Ghost striped and Ghost block-boxed subtitles. Larger values make the box less transparent. The default is '35%'.

Outline and Shadow

From here you can configure Outline and drop-shadow presentation style. When enabled, an outline (or border) will be drawn around the characters with the width and color specified by you. Width value ranges are from 0 to 8 (default is 2) even though reasonable values are from 1 to 3. However you can experiment with other values, which better suit your needs depending on the current font and size chosen.

When enabled, drop-shadow will draw a shadow of the characters in a selected color and defined offset relative to the original character's position. Both X Offset and Y Offset settings accept values within the range from -8 to 8. You can disable the drop-shadow by entering zero pixels in both fields.

Negative Y Offset values mean the shadow will be drawn above the original character's position. Giving positive Y Offset values will draw a shadow bellow the original position.

X Offset acts similarly, where negative values will set the shadow before and positive will set the shadow after the original character's position. You can combine negative and positive values for the X and Y Offsets to achieve the desired results.


The text color is the color of the normal text.

When Anti-aliasing option is turned on, an anti-aliasing algorithm is applied to the drawn text, which smooths the edges of the characters.

CEA-708 Closed Captions

CEA-708 Closed Captions offer more presentation effects, compared to CEA-608 captions like different text colors, background colors and closed captions specific styles like Pop-on, Roll-up and Paint On.

They need to be adjusted in advanced by EZTitles.