Project Manager

A brilliant way to create project presets to meet your clients’ individual requirements. Now you don't need to go through all the tabs to verify the settings every time you start a new file. Just click on the desired preset and you are ready to go.

A proper timeline

It displays not only the audio and video tracks but also the boundaries of subtitles and shot changes. Navigation is as simple as it can get. For example, you can drag a subtitle’s in- and out-cues to a new position just using the mouse — and they will auto-snap to shot changes in vicinity.

Moreover, the EZTitles timeline can display your video as a strip of consecutive frames, making it easy to find the exact position of a hidden shot change, or even to precisely snap a subtitle’s cue to the shot change by hand.

Translation Template

EZTitles offers you the option to load a second file along with your project to use it as a translation template. It can be used for translating your subtitles into a new language, verifying subtitles and proofing already existing subtitles.

Import video from DVD

You can import video directly from DVD — you only need the right decoders installed on your computer.

Almost any Video File

EZTitles works with nearly any known video format with embedded timecode and supports MPEG-1, MPEG-2, MPEG-4, AVI, WMV and Apple QuickTime .MOV video files.

Frame-accurate cueing

EZTitles offers ultra-precise frame by frame forward/backward video playback. And to top it off each single frame can be easily auditioned thanks to the audio scrubbing.

Checks and Quality control

EZTitles offers you a wide range of tools to give you full control over your subtitles. You can check your project for inconsistent cues, reading speed/safe area problems, raised subtitles and snap thresholds. You can even check your subtitles’ visual attributes — fonts, color, alignment, box style, outline, italics and double height — for any issues.

Fully customizable

Almost every aspect of EZTitles is customizable. The program can easily adapt to any unique style of work in no time.


The Auto-Adjust feature can serve many purposes, but it is best described as an advanced set of tools for splitting any block of text into individual subtitles. The result will strictly comply with all the requirements for the minimum interval between subtitles, minimum and maximum durations, reading speed, line length restrictions and so on.

The Auto-Adjust can simultaneously perform multiple operations depending on the options you activate. In general, it word-wraps and splits your text to optimally fill the lines, splits it into individual subtitles and finally (re)calculates the in- and out-cues of the resulting new subtitles.

Continuous Typing Workflow

This feature shines when used in conjunction with the Auto-Adjust. It facilitates efficient subtitling of long speech segments and continuous dialogue — you just type the text in and EZTitles does the rest for you. As a result, you get splendid separate subtitles with the correct timecodes set automatically.

This feature is designed for roll-up closed captions but can also be applied to regular subtitles.

Skip the non-speech scenes

With the brilliant timesaving feature called “Preview subtitled scenes only”, EZTitles automatically recognizes and skips scenes with no speech to save you time on the final preview or quality check!

Speed-up and keep speech understandable

EZTitles boasts an advanced audio filter that allows you to play at 1.5x and 2x speeds with the speech remaining perfectly understandable.
With this filter you can not only preview your subtitles in the fastest way possible but also speed up your subtitle preparation process 1.5 to 2 times.

Fix Subtitles

The Fix Subtitles tool cleans your project file based on multiple rules of your choice. You can fix intervals, empty out-cues, subtitles below or above the reading speed, raised subtitles; you can also delete empty subtitles and do many other useful things. If you happen to have messed up some of the subtitles, you can fix them fast and easy without having to start from scratch.

Aspect Ratio and Letterbox Options

We understand that letterboxed videos can sometimes bring additional requirements for the text’s position, and that is why EZTitles offers several options designed to help you in this situation.

If you set the correct aspect ratio and letterboxing, you will have an instant view of how your subtitles fit on the picture.