Open/DVD, Teletext and DVB Subtitles, Closed Captions

EZTitles is designed to be world-class professional subtitling software. It complies with all the TV broadcast, film, DVD and Blu-ray standards.

Cloud Services

You can connect EZTitles to your preferred Cloud Storage service – Google Drive or Dropbox. Not only will you be able to keep your files in sync on all your devices, but you will also have your settings, keyboard shortcuts, auto correct and spell checker dictionaries, project templates and program visual layout synchronized.

Just launch EZTitles on any computer you like, and you will not even notice you are working on a different workstation. All your personal files and preferences load automatically, so you can work in a familiar environment and focus on getting the job done.

Another advantage of working in the cloud is the ability to share your project templates with your colleagues and coworkers. Later they can connect to your project templates and use them on their computers.

File Revisions

Creating subtitles is a complex process which often involves different parties: translators, editors, proofreaders and so on. And you want to see the changes that your colleagues have applied when reviewing your subtitles.

Now this is possible in EZTitles — you can simply create a new Labeled Revision each time you are about to make changes to the subtitles.

Later, if you want to compare your subtitles’ current state with any of the existing revisions, you just need to choose one from the list and compare. And if you want to check the differences between two revisions, you can do that as well.

Vertical orientation and rubies for East Asian scripts

EZTitles adds yet another exciting new feature — you now can input text in the vertical direction common for the Chinese, Japanese and Korean language scripts.

Another new useful feature related to the Asian writing systems is the ability to insert Rubies above (if horizontally oriented) or to the right side (if vertically oriented) of the letters.

The Rubies’ traditional purpose is to give additional information about the pronunciation of particular characters and symbols, considering the complexity of the Asian scripts, which may be otherwise unknown to the reader.

The Phonetic Guide also provides the option to insert rubies for the whole phrase or only for the symbol that requires it.

With the Asian Text Font option, EZTitles can display different fonts for Asian and non-Asian text pieces inserted to the same line. The Asian-font text has the same font size as the regular-font text.

Digital Cinema Ready

Supports Texas Instruments CineCanvas XML-based subtitles for the DLP Cinema projection system and the SMPTE 428-7-2007 DCDM (Digital Cinema Distribution Master) XML specifications. Get a 100% accurate preview of your subtitles in the exact way they appear on the theater’s screen.

Digital Cinema Mode

This is a completely new presentation mode which complies with all the standards and requirements of Digital Cinema subtitling and provides an accurate preview of what your subtitles will look like on the theater’s screen.

The Digital Cinema mode supports the following image resolutions:

  • 1998 x 1080, 2K flat in 1.85 : 1 aspect ratio;
  • 2048 x 858, 2K scope in 2.39 : 1 aspect ratio;
  • 2048 x 1080, 2K full container in 1.90:1 aspect ratio;
  • 3996 x 2160, 4K flat in 1.85 : 1 aspect ratio;
  • 4096 x 1716, 4K scope in 2.39 : 1 aspect ratio;
  • 4096 x 2160, 4K full container in 1.90:1 aspect ratio.

    Last but not least, EZTitles covers the full range of the DC subtitle specifications by adding support for the so-called ruby characters and vertical text. Subtitles containing ruby characters and vertical text can now be exported and imported as text or image-based subtitles for Digital Cinema.
  • Resolutions from SD up to 4K

    In EZTitles you can prepare subtitles in different resolutions – from SD and HD up to 2K and 4K — and in different aspect ratios. The program supports PAL and NTSC in 4x3 and 16x9 (anamorphic) modes, HD 720, HD 1080, 2K and 4K.

    For most popular authoring systems

    Whether it is DVD, NLE or Blu-ray – with EZTitles you can create subtitles for them all. Text script formats and high-quality anti-aliased images are available for the following systems: Sonic Scenarist HDMV (Blu-ray) and Advanced Contents (HD-DVD), Avid DS Nitris, Adobe® Encore® DVD, Apple® DVD Studio Pro®, DoStudio Authoring, Spruce DVD Maestro, Sony DVD Architect, Final Cut Pro®, Roxio DVD It, Pinnacle Impression DVD, Panasonic Blu-ray SPI, Toshiba Authoring System, Ultech DV2000/3000 and more.

    In most popular subtitle formats

    PAC, 890, EBU, ASCII, Unicode ASCII, Windows Media Player SAMI, Win2020 ASCII, DAS, Softitler TXT as well as the Custom Defined Format.

    In any language

    EZTitles supports all European languages plus Chinese, Korean, Japanese, Arabic, Hebrew, Vietnamese, Hindi and Thai.

    Comprehensive checks

    Done in background, they indicate inconsistent cues as well as reading speed and safe area problems. The Checks command lets you check your subtitles for different issues in cues, reading speed, safe area, raised subtitles, intervals between subtitles, etc.

    Shot Change Detection

    EZTitles detects shot changes on its own, on the fly, in background and without any additional software or set-ups needed. This means you can use EZTitles and all its features for subtitling while the video file is still being processed.
    And there are also tools for fixing existing subtitles to meet the shot change requirements.